Boneyard Necromancers

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"True art is everlasting. Death and finality are outdated relics of the past."
―Boneyard Necromancers mission statement

The Boneyard Necromancers are a cult of Arckasians who worship Necros, the Titan of undeath. Their home city is called Necropolis. Necromancers are either Ancients or Arckasians who have somehow gained the ability to raise and control the dead - often through nanobots controlled via brainwaves. While most Arckasian necromancers aren't too tough to defeat, there are a few who have a lot of experience and have become incredibly powerful, controlling entire armies of undead hordes. Necromancers are somewhat like collectors, expanding their collection of undead races by adding new species to their hordes.

While the Boneyard Necromancers started out benevolently, resurrecting fallen friends and family members, the population of the Empire of Arckas exploded with many undead citizens leading some to question the ethics of everyone being immortal. Some saw their actions as an afront to the other Titans, resulting in centuries of wars.