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Spectral type WN7h
Age 1.9 million years
Size 77 solar masses
Surface temperature 45,000 K
Diameter 23 solar diameters
Stars 1
Planets 2
Cluster Chechkal Cluster
Polities United Kyekna Monarchies

Bezck is a Wolf-Rayet star located in the Chechkal Cluster of the Crucible Galaxy, it is an extremely massive and luminous star with intense solar winds, it is surrounded by the appropriately titled Bezck Nebula. While Bezck is too young to create planets on its own, its large mass has resulted in it catching two rogue planets which now orbit it:

  • Bozzkrit - A rocky world bombarded by radiation and heat despite orbiting several hundred AU away from Bezck, the planet is used to test weapons of mass destruction by the United Kyekna Monarchies
  • Chityl - One of the farthest habitable planets from its sun, Chityl orbits over 1,400 Astronomical Units from Bezck (farther than even the outer extent of Sedna's orbit), far enough to land within the massive but extremely distant habitable zone of the WR star, allowing Chityl to be a garden world.