Battle of Domum Regimen

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Battle of Domum Regimen
Part of the Buyuk Wars
Date 0 BDR
Location Domum Regimen system
Allied victory
Buyuk Empire
Commanders and leaders
Admiral Otyn S. S. Korcha

Admiral of the 3rd Rank Grinjens E. P. Ernel
Rustiagon Karrel

  • 11 heavy carriers
  • 15 light carriers
  • 26 battleships
  • 2 command battleships
  • 53 heavy cruisers
  • 16 light cruisers
  • 101 destroyers
  • 14 destroyer transports
  • 41 frigates
  • 163 corvettes
  • 31 auxiliary ships
  • 38 transports
  • 1,540 starfighters
  • 32,000 naval infantry


  • null

United Provinces

  • null
buyuk forces
Casualties and losses
  • peeps hurt


  • peeps hurt

United Provinces

  • peeps hurt
Buyuk casualties


Order of battle

Allied forces


The Union of Eteno Socialist States Navy forces for the attack on Domum Regimen were organized into the 115th Fleet, commanded by Admiral Otyn S. S. Korcha. The 115th Fleet was composed of three battle squadrons, one transport squadron, and one support squadron containing a total of thirty ship divisions and independent brigades.

Admiral Korcha commanded the Union forces from his flagship, the command battleship EUNS Vradt. His second-in-command was Admiral Groem aboard the Keiga. Admiral Ernel directed the boarding assault on Domum Regimen from the battleship Obraitsa, whose starfighter wing had been replaced with assault shuttles and naval infantry.

81st Squadron
18th Battleship Division
41st Battleship Division
2nd Attack Carrier Division
15th Attack Carrier Division
105th Missile Ship Division
217th Missile Ship Division
81st Escort Ship Division

93rd Squadron
83rd Battleship Division
21st Support Carrier Division
100th Cruiser Division
326th Cruiser Division
55th Missile Ship Division
62nd Missile Ship Division
75th Escort Ship Division
77th Escort Ship Division
186th Attack Transport Division

95th Squadron
2nd Battleship Division
99th Battleship Division
66th Attack Carrier Division
28th Carrier Division
381st Reinforced Cruiser Division
328th Cruiser Division
256th Missile Ship Division
882nd Missile Ship Division
165th Escort Ship Division
168th Escort Ship Division

208th Transport Squadron
25th Transport Ship Division
988th Attack Transport Division

208th Support Squadron
700th Support Ship Division
167th Repair Ship Brigade


First engagement

Capturing the station

Shortly after gaining a small foothold on the station, allied forces discovered the presence of an ancient AI called Na'zrah. While it was known that Na'zrah was not likely affiliated with the Buyuk, Na'zrah's allegiance was unknown. Whatever it was, Na'zrah was the reason the Buyuk had taken control of the station. Analysts and engineers deduced that the Buyuk had spend hundreds, maybe thousands of years trying to decode the ancient AI. Similar frequencies emitted by both Na'zrah and the Buyuk lead to theories about the two having a common origin, but the age of the station predated both the Buyuk and any known Omni artifact by millions of years.

After various strike teams secured portions of the station to themselves, codebreakers and bot engineers were sent aboard to attempt to communicate with the AI. First contact procedures were initiated, although it was discovered that Na'zrah had mysteriously learned Luuschtuntski, Yallvus Talk and numerous other languages indicating that Na'zrah's influence was far greater than Domum Regimen. Na'zrah revealed to the allied forces its benevolent intentions and desire to assist in the liberation of Domum Regimen. Allied forces were initially hesitant to cooperate with a third party, but accepted to increase their tactical advantage. The allied forces could help Na'zrah gain control of the station by locating manual overrides that the Buyuk had captured. Orbital defense and automated security systems could be reactivated with the assistance of allied forces in order to expand their foothold.

When the Buyuk learned that Na'zrah was helping the allied forces, they began to counter with cyberattacks in an attempt to jam the communication systems between Na'zrah's nodes.

Request for help

Buyuk reinforcements arrive

Allied forces arrive


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