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General information
Status Uncommon
Native to Shuang, Eidyn
Size 500m long
Diet Mammoths
Intelligence Sapient
Symmetry Bilateral
Lifespan Unknown

The Bashe is a giant snake-like creature native to Shuang. They are a rare sight as Bashe spent most of their lives underground.


The Bashe is roughly 500 meters in length and has a sleek, feathery appearance with a large beak-like mouth. It burrows underneath the permafrost, mostly feeding on minerals and gems. However, during the summer, it has to rise from the surface to feed on live prey. By sensing the movement of creature's on the surface, it will rise up from the ground and attack using its beak as a giant spear.

Above ground, the Bashe is immobile, so it will constantly pop out of the ground, to submerge itself again to choose a different spot.


Bashe inhabit the Nomad Wilds. They prefer to stay away from large civilian establishments, and instead will surface in either wilderness expanses or remote farms. They primarily follow wild mammoth herds.  Bashe often hunt in groups of three in order to be able to face against mammoths.


While the Bashe feeds on ore deep in the ground, it will have to surface to prey on mammoths. It will not eat human-sized creatures as those are much too small to be of any nutritional value. Unlike most snakes, the Bashe cannot swallow prey whole and must break off large chunks of meat. To defend itself from any humanoids that try to run up to it with swords, the Bash will smash itself into them like a large hammer which is usually enough to kill the opponent.  One mammoth is enough to sustain at least two Bashe.

Strategies against a Bashe

Bashe will not attack mortals unless they are threatened.  The conflict usually arises when the Bashe attacks a mammoth farm or if one accidentally digs into a Bashe nest.  Most farmers tend to play it safe by setting aside several mammoth for slaughter for the Bashe.  Other farmers who are more aggressive employ armies to defend their livestock.

The best way to take down a Bashe is to get up close to its neck directly.  Between 4 and 15 meters away from it, one is vulnerable.  Therefore, one must move fast before they are swatted away by the beast.

It takes several seconds for a Bashe to fully emerge from the ground.  It is best to get up close to it and out of the "death radius" before it fully emerges.