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Asmos is the patron deity of the people of Emsius and the Kingdom of Leir. He is the god of the void and oblivion. Unbeknownst to his followers, he is an incarnation of the god Ouros who has been using him as an avatar to secretly plan to take revenge on the Elemental Gods. As such, Asmos in reality is a husk or a puppet.


Asmos is said to be insane but very scientifically and analytically minded. The concept of ethics and morality is very alien to him. He is lacking in social skills, and some see him as a psychopath, but Asmos is not sadistic, only morbidly curious.


According to legend, Asmos first appeared sometime after the Shattering. He was never a mortal, but instead rose from large quantities of divine energy that took shape into a sentient form. Shortly after coming into existence, Asmos began conducting experiments with mortals in various isolated locations out of pure curiosity. However, in the eyes of the other gods, these experiments were utterly cruel in spite of Asmos not comprehending the ethics and morality of what he was doing. Soon, the name "Asmos" became taboo among the rest of the universe and it was strictly forbidden to speak of it, but Asmos' followers still praised as a divine being.