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Ashadrans are genetically engineered Vaikan who were augmented with Buyuk technology. They were created by the Tokarthi.


Ashadrans are genetically derived from Vaikan but are different appearance wise. Ashadrans have skin within shades of orange and crimson, and their eyes are completely black. Unlike Vaikan, Ashadrans are able to reproduce through natural means without the use of cloning. As such, they are capable of laying eggs.


800 years before the rise of the Second Galactic Senate, the First Drussiray Empire went on a search for the fabled homeworld of the Omni. The Drussiray came into being after they were created by an Omni named Spodan whom they worshiped as their one true God. When they opened a jumpgate to the North Arm, stumbled into the middle of the war between the Karnasaurs and the Hunre. The Hunre had already launched the sterility plague and it had begun its work. The Drussiray were unaffected by the plague, but that did not stop them from continuing their search for the Omni homeworld. But upon discovering that the Omni homeworld was destroyed long ago, they decided to return home, unknowingly allowing the sterility plague to travel with them back to the South Arm.

Needless to say, the damage was devastating. The plague spread very quickly as lots of jumpgates were open in the South Arm connecting to many different species. However, two key species were affected: the Tokarthi who were rendered unable to breed or clone themselves, and the Vaikan who were rendered unable to breed but still able to clone. The Drussiray had been at war with the Tokarthi for some time now, but now their zealous passion was fueled further. The Tokarthi were believed to have been cursed by Spodan - doomed to die. However, the Vaikan were spared from the Drussiray - they had promised to rebuild Vaikan civilization after a recent disaster in exchange for being used as soldiers in their war.

With the Tokarthi now outnumbered, they decided to turn to the nearby Delson for help. The Delson were unaffected by the plague, but at the time, they were a lot more savage and aggressive making them a valuable ally in the escalating war. Things got further complicated when the Buyuk fleet conducted a raid to take advantage of the chaos. Things are not looking good for either side.

The Tokarthi decide to change things in their favor. Unable to replenish their own numbers due to the plague, they decide to experiment with some Vaikan prisoners of wars in an attempt to cure them of the sterility plague. Not only would they would build their own numbers, but also attempt to gain the favor of the Vaikan to reduce the Drussiray threat. The resulting genetic experiments were the Ashadrans - using augmented Buyuk tech, they could not only breed, but also sense Buyuk transmissions and even manipulate nanobots as if it were telekinesis.

Despite their efforts, the Tokarthi were still losing the war. Their allies the Delson were also getting hit hard and were about to face extinction as well. However, an outside species called the Scorpio Ultimus decided to intervene for altruistic reasons - they wanted to end the violence and save the Delson, so they demanded a truce to which the Drussiray agreed. The Drussiray reformed their empire and removed corrupted individuals from the hierarchy trying them for war crimes and genocide.

But the Tokarthi could not save themselves from extinction, at least not physically. With the Ashadran warriors unable to integrate into Vaikan society, the Tokarthi chose to set them up in their own reserve. The Tokarthi uploaded their consciousnesses to supercomputers to act as guides to the Ashadrans, and they were soon worshiped as gods.

Not until hundreds of years later would a Vaikan see an Ashadran again - the Karalian Empire reached out to potential allies, the Drussiray, the Delsons, Scorpio Ultimus and the Ashadrans to assist in the battle of Domum Regimen. The Delson Gal Us and the Ashadran Archpriestess Galiana were recruited as part of GSSOC.