Arkos Prime

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Arkos Prime
Star None
Type Rogue gas giant
Satellites 4
Gravity Unknown
Orbital distance N/A
Day length N/A
Year length N/A
Diameter 134,843 km
Axial tilt Zero
Average Unknown
Minimum Unknown
Maximum Unknown
Composition 91% hydrogen, 9% helium
Surface pressure 10 atm
Population None
Imports None
Exports Helium-3

Arkos Prime is a Jupiter-sized rogue gas giant with four large moons. Located over 46 lightyears away from the Sius system, Arkos Prime was a former colony of the Buyuk Empire. The planet itself is a standard hydrogen helium gas giant with orange ammonia clouds.


Arkos Prime was the site of one of many raids by the Karalian Empire. What made Arkos Prime particularly noteworthy was that Rustiagon Karrel, king of the Karalian Empire, had oversaw the battle himself.

When the Buyuk escaped from the system, Karrel and his fleet followed for several days eventually being led to a location 10 lightyears outside the Sius system where first contact between the Eteno and Vaikan species took place.

Moons and features

Arkos I

The closest to Arkos Prime, Arkos I displays a large degree of volcanic activity due to the tidal pull of its parent planet and Arkos II.

Arkos II

Arkos II is the largest of the moons being covered entirely in frozen methane.

Arkos III

Arkos III is a rocky world that was nearly destroyed by a rogue comet. Today, it bears an enormous crater that covers an entire quarter sphere.

Arkos IV

Like Arkos III, Arkos IV is a rocky world although it is much smaller. The moon experiences major cryovolcanism; water erupting from below the surface releases snow and other particles into the air including extremophile microbes.

Stations, static warships and artificial structures

Arkos Mining Station

Arkos Mining Station was a remote source of helium-3 for the regions of space surrounding the Moltke Cluster. Because there were no permanent settlements on any of the planet's moons, it was also the only housing establishment in the area.


Although Arkos Prime does have a jumpgate in orbit, it was fried during Karrel's invasion cutting off the planet from the rest of the empire. It is not currently known where the gate would have led, but some speculate it could have been a region of space 1000 lightyears away.