Archipelago y Trestelleon

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The Archipelago y Trestelléon is the strongest economy of the region, encompassing the islands of Serrano, Carnais, and Orisola.

Formed after the Collapse of Leir and the end of the Six Years War, with the ascension of Emperor Gutierre I Agremunté. The Trestelléon, aided with the Servicio Navalé, became a well-defended paradise in the region.


Headwear is a metal bascinet often made of steel and shaded gold. It is shaped as a generic human face with a Morion-styled headpiece with a large array of peacock feathers.

A white, long sleeved doublet with a wide ruff measuring roughly seven inches in radius around the neck with a smaller ruff around the hand holes of the sleeves underneath a red buff jerkin as outerwear. Optional platemail (similar to the Papal Guard Armor set) is allowed depending on rank of position.

Breeches are the lower bodywear often covered by a scale-mail styled skirt with greaves shaped to cover the knees down to the thick laced knee-high boots. The waist offers a belt with a military buckle where the short, boarding sword sits. The main weapon is a halberd or a rifle depending on division.