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An Arbiter

Arbiters are a race of knight-like beings who rest in the core of planes to protect them. Once Moroitos, after the war and the Shattering the Demons used powerful magic to seal the Arbiters in the cores. They also instructed the Arbiters to destroy all civilization on the plane should they damage the core, so that new civilizations ignorant of the core could form and thus the core could heal naturally.


They appear as unmounted knights, covered from head to foot in armor. Even their faces, if they have any, are covered in armor. Another characteristic is that that no one Arbiter looks exactly alike. Each armor is individual, up to the very last plate. Though just a speculation at this point, it seems the Arbiter "leader" is not only bigger but has the most elaborate and powerful armor.

General Personality

No one knows what an Arbiter thinks, or even sounds like when talking. The only time they have appeared, they have attacked indiscriminately every civilization on a plane.