Ankodega Incident

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This article is about the conflict. For the story based on this event, see Story:A Vaikan and a Tribe.
Ankodega Incident
Location Ankodega
Status Eviction of the Ankodites from Ankodega

The Ankodega Incident became the first conflict between the Karalian Empire and the Buyuk Wars since the .


The scientist Izardi Gradior was involved in an expedition to explore the Galactic Core Zone. Tasked with studying the evolution of extraterrestrial life forms near the galactic core, Gradior was taking orbital scans of the third planet Ankodega in the Ankor system.

According to the Buyuk Empire, Gradior was violating the armistice since the Ankor system was supposedly claimed by the Buyuk - it was planned to be a farm, and the Buyuk had prepared ahead of time by tricking the native Ankodites into believing the Ghorax were their gods. The natives would then turn themselves over willingly to produce soldiers.

After the conflicts in Greenwater, the Buyuk Empire never bothered to explicitly redraw their territory lines, thus leading to the confusion. Gradior, who was assumed to be a spy, was shot down causing him to crash land on the planet.

Soon after discovering the Buyuk's plans, the stranded scientist collaborated with the natives to rebuild his ship and send a distress signal. However, he created cultural strife when he revealed the true nature of the Ghorax.

After the Ankodites rebelled against the Ghorax, the civilization of Ankodega was ravaged. A long list of pre-space civilizations being annihilated during the wars would soon follow.


Although Gradior had the intent to save an entire species, the Buyuk cited this incident as a violation of the armistice. The tensions that had been quelled for nearly 300 years would begin to reignite.