Amulet of the Tokarthi

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The Amulet of the Tokarthi, also known as the Amulet of Power and the Titanic Amulet is a powerful piece of technology bestowed to the Tokarthi by theit king Selvarius. The Tokarthi, before their near-extinction, sealed the last of them in their ancient city Lemuria on the planet Ashadra, and had it guarded by 3 vicious beasts and many traps. They placed it their, hoping that a chosen individual in the future will be able to acquire it in the universe's time of need.

Like it's creator, the Amulet has on it Ancient Symbols of of Divinity, Life, Heroism, Truth, Wisdom, and Knowledge, in addition to multiple unknown symbols.

The current wielder of the Amulet is Galiana Arcad, a 'native' of Ashadra, and called 'the Harbinger of Cleansing'.

Known Wielders

Powers of the Amulet

Wearing the amulet grants a mortal an ability known as "Perception of a Titan". Essentially, a Titan's ability is translated into mortal thought. A wielder's mind gains access to the fifth dimension, and can see all possible outcomes of a certain scenario, and then proceed to follow the best course of action. They also send gravitons to other universes, allowing them to interact with parallel versions of themselves. This ability is known as "dream walking", where they essentially swap consciousnesses with their doppelganger.

However, the processing of so much information is mentally taxing to the mortal mind, and as such will send the wielder into a coma if worn for too long. The worst recorded scenarios involved some Tokarthi acquiring a dangerous form of solipsism as they lose track of what is and what isn't real.


In the past, the Tokarthi civilization constructed numerous Amulets which allowed them to build their civilizations in parallel universes without actually having to develop the interuniversal drive. As such, a Tokarthi individual could visit a parallel universe by simply sleeping and swapping their consciousness with their parallel counterpart.

Overtime, newer models of the Amulet were created that essentially allowed the Tokarthi to begin transcending reality itself. They could not only move their consciousnesses between universes, but also channel energy to maintain superhuman strength and cognitive ability as well as ward off disease and hunger entirely. These further innovations are said to have come directly from Selvarius himself as the Titan was present during the era of the Empire of Arckas where such a technology was commonplace.

The invasions of the Harbingers however lead to the destruction of most of these Amulets, and the last one was kept away in Lemuria, hidden away in hopes that someone could one day find it and use it for good. The methods to creating more of these Amulets were lost with the fall of the Tokarthi civilization, as the inner technological workings are thousands of years ahead of any civilization in the present day.