Alliance for Individual Freedoms

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Alliance for Individual Freedoms
Venaroddi Ul'us (Maviba)
Emblem of the Alliance for Individual Freedoms.png
Emblem of the Alliance
Abbreviation VU (Maviba: Ven-Ul)
Presidium National Executive of the Alliance for Individual Freedoms
President of the Alliance for Individual Freedoms Myhal Lesarun
Founded 31 Sularis 489 TE
Headquarters Maviba, Darya
Newspaper Venaroddam ("Independence")
Student wing Students for Freedom
Youth wing Young Individualists
Other information
Membership 6.39 billion
Ideology Individualism
Polity United Provinces of Darya
Colors      Blue
Seats in the Toplanta
8 / 18
Presence in the latest Montash (%)
41 / 100
Majorities in provincial Councils
12 / 58

The Alliance for Individual Freedoms (Mavibi: Venaroddi Ul'us) is one of the two major political parties in the United Provinces of Darya. Unlike its arch-rival, the Communalist Party of Darya, the Alliance advocates major reforms to the existing economic and political systems of the Union, in order to allow for increased personal freedoms and liberties. Founded in 489 TE, it has gradually gained prominence over the decades, beginning as a fringe movement and ultimately becoming a powerful political force. As of the latest convocation of the National Assembly in 544 TE, members of the Alliance constituted 41% of total participants, making it the second-largest party represented in the Montash.