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Alchemy is an art in which ingredients, most of which have otherworldly properties, are mixed together in proportions that can create anything from seemingly magical potions to artificial life.

Though it may be conceived as being magical in nature due to it's astounding abilities, Alchemy is entirely separate from magic, does not require the use of spells or scrolls in it's practice, and is not affected by Ekati. The less magically gifted, such as Dwarves may use potions created through alchemy in favor of spells.

Types of Alchemy

Reparative Alchemy

Reparative Alchemy is used to create healing potions that, upon ingestion or application to a wound, heal the user. Universal healing potions can only heal relatively minor wounds, but healing potions made for a specific race can heal almost any wound, assuming that the user has enough healing potions and is still able to use them.

Potions meant to treat diseases, such as those taken to suppress Lycanthropy, are also categorized as reparative.

Nutritive Alchemy

Nutritive Alchemy involves creating potions that restore stamina to someone who has lost it. Nutritive Alchemy can help the exhausted regain their vitality and continue to physically exert themselves.

Elemental Alchemy

Elemental Alchemy makes use of the elements, as could probably be guessed from it's name. Elemental Alchemists may create great gusts of wind, unleash streams of fire from their potion bottles, or cause explosive blasts of water to put out fires.

Transformative Alchemy

Transformative Alchemy is the process of changing one element into another, often for a limited amount of time. An example of this is Chrysopoeia, the process of transforming something of lesser value into gold. While Transformative Alchemy has an association with scammers attempting to temporarily Transform worthless objects into gold and sell them, transformative alchemy can be used for a multitude of tasks, including turning an opponent's steel armor or weapons into something much weaker such as wood in combat.

Life Alchemy

Life Alchemy is a type of Alchemy that creates potions which prolong the human lifespan. The ingredients needed to create potions for use in Life Alchemy are all very rare, and they can rarely, if ever, be found sold by common merchants.

Homunculus Alchemy

Homunculus Alchemy is the process of creating living creatures known as Homunculi to serve the alchemist. The time it takes for a Homunculi to reach maturity is proportional to the time it will live, and as such a Homunculus that takes only seconds to be created and deployed into combat will die within minutes of it's creation, and a Homunculus that takes a decade or two to mature may last a lifetime.