Ahrganot Skizgo

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Ahrganot Skizgo
Ahrganot wearing a GSSOC uniform
Born 25 BDR
Died Unknown
Occupation Soldier in Karalian Legion
Organization Galactic Senate Special Operations Corps
Species Vaikan
Height 6'2"
Weight 150 lb

Ahrganot Skizgo is a member of the Galactic Senate Special Operations Corps.

Early life

Ahrganot was genetically created in the city of Samoran in the region of Malin on planet Ucharpli. His parents Duro and Tokara Skizgo who were struggling financially decided to have him created purely for the sake of tax deductions. They had very little attachment to him and they did not get along. After only a few years, Ahrganot was put up for adoption as his parents didn’t want him anymore. Ahrganot lived the rest of his childhood at the Barani Orphanage where other similar children with no parental guardians stayed. Ahrganot was looked after by Barani-32, the orphanage’s caretaker although Barani-32’s non hominid appearance made it very difficult to become attached.

When Ahrganot entered his adolescent years, he moved into his own apartment where he would attend the Samoran Academy of Engineering. With schools in the Karalian Empire infamously known for their difficulty, Ahrganot would begin to suffer with mediocre grades. Significantly lacking in social skills and having only been cared for by his apartment’s automatic reminder systems, he would meet a downward spiral into anxiety and stress.

To cope with his troubles in school, Ahrganot would find comfort in imported Jaranese VR animations. He saved up money by collecting scrap and relics buried in the snow, sometimes going into a Dark Zone to do so. He began to collect figurines based on characters from these animations. Eventually, his life would take a significant shift upon discovering the VR animation Krayhanya-TanMeido da Yabokashi. The animation involved mystical “Daughters of Krayhan” that descended from the Celestial Plane to interact with an ordinary bot programmer on Jaran. These Daughters of Krayhan were depicted as highly attractive female Vaikan each with colorful personalities. This would change Ahrganot’s outlook as he realized how desperate and depraved he was.

Overtime, the figurines Ahrganot would collect became more risque in nature as he wanted to fulfill a need. He eventually saved up enough money to purchase an interactive VR companion modelled after one of Krayhanya-TanMeido da Yabokashi’s characters Sashelma whom he had developed a strong crush on. The Sashelma companion was modelled after her counterpart personality in the animation and was programmed to fulfill Ahgranot’s every desire.

Ahrganot’s relationship with Sashelma started off as romantic. Though Sashelma was not a real character, Ahrganot still became very attached and eventually obsessed over. It eventually got to the point where he began to ask Sashelma to fulfill his stirring fantasies. Ahrganot became consumed with promiscuity as he spent more and more time with Sashelma to escape from the imminence of failure in school.

After Ahrganot dropped out of school, Ahrganot became disillusioned with his obsession with Jaran. On his own time, he opted to study some programming so that he could modify Sashelma to make his relationship with her feel more meaningful. While modifying her personality however, Ahrganot accidentally set Sashelma’s parameters to be very bitter and realistic. She chastised him for indulging in his fantasies too much, and told him to get a proper life. Ahrganot, consumed with despair, pondered suicide, but Sashelma managed to talk him out of it.

When Ahrganot heard about first contact with the new Eteno species, he decided it was time for him to do something meaningful to make a difference. He decided to enlist in the Royal Karalian Legion. Before leaving for basic training, he decided to leave his past behind. He deleted Sashelma, then proceeded to destroy all of his figurines and other Jaranese memorabilia with fire.

Dukesguard service

Kingsguard service