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Afterlife is a massive, rogue starship in orbit of the blue giant star Binguni. It is home to the ancient Chch'ptk. After the destruction of the Gehenna Galaxy, the Chch'ptk preserved themselves by storing their personalities in data form within the ship's systems. As a result, the Ch'chptk became extinct and only exist in data form.


The Afterlife is 1000 kilometers across and hosts a massive fleet operated entirely by a robotic crew. The crew is responsible for locating suitable worlds to mine for resources in order to maintain the ship as well as the virtual reality all while the Chch'ptk are blissfully unaware of what is going on in the outside world.

Virtual reality

The virtual reality is a digitized realm only accessible by the Chch'ptk that live within it. The virtual reality is structured like a city, with each Chch'ptk owning there own land plot. Chch'ptk are capable of designing their own ideal paradise to suit their needs.

It is not yet known what could happen if outside forces messed around with the Virtual Reality, but needless to say it would be very devastating for the Chch'ptk.