Adal system

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Spectral type K6V
Size 0.72 Solar masses
Surface temperature 4200 K
Planets 5
Cluster Kla'ektas-Zhurnyat Cluster
Galactic Region Central Far North Arm
Galactic Arm North Arm
Polities United Provinces of Darya
System population 13.8 billion

Adal is the star at the centre of the Adal system, located in the Kla'ektas-Zhurnyat Cluster of the Central Far North Arm. It is home to Darya, the homeworld of the Darsa and most highly-populated world of the United Provinces. Adal is a K-type main sequence star (K6V), a class informally known as an orange dwarf. It formed approximately 4.2 billion years ago, and is considered to be a young star for its class, having only lived for about a quarter of its estimated lifespan; it will remain fairly stable for more than another 16 billion years.

Adal's significant effect on Darya has been recognised since prehistoric times. Mmany cultures throughout history have even recognised it as a deity, notably the religion of Sommizol, which worshipped the star as the Halon Adal, from whom the star's name is derived. Adal is also the basis of many calendars, including the currently predominant Kerinian calendar, which uses Darya's orbit around Adal as the length of a year, and Hab'arci's as the length of a Sev (cycle).


The Mavibi proper name Adal developed from Old Mavibi Athal, meaning "justice". Athal was the name of Sommizol's god of light and justice, and was a direct translation from Monbana's Dikarus. Cognates to adal itself appear in other Domkaba languages, including Old Korona ethela, Lemarian azeal and Gurilon asolo. All Domkaba words for Adal stem from Proto-Domkaba "āthelya".

The Mavibi cycle name Adalsev stems from Old Mavibi (Athalasyaf; "Adal's Cycle") and is also a translation from the Monbana Imeris Dikaris.