Abyssal Elf

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Æbisthor (translated: ඇබිස්තෝර්), also known as abyssal elves, are a subrace of elves that have taken to practice necromancy. Because of this and their proximity to decay, this has reflected somewhat on their appearance. Grey elves have a tendency to follow the undead when the occasional hordes appear.


The grey elves have a disturbingly similar appearance to the undead they worship. Their skin is wrinkled and has the feeling of wet sandpaper, a strange feeling not many can stand without their own skin tingling in disgust. They are also quite gaunt, having the appearance of their skin hanging on their bones alone. Their eyes are also almost all uniformly grey, with constant dilated pupils.


Not much is known about grey elves, as they are only seen with Undead hordes or rarely found in one of their secret covens. What is known is that they worship death and the afterlife as the "perfect" version of the world they inhabit now. Because of this, they wish to kill all life in order to send it to that paradise. Because of this they often called the Necromancers the "Peace-Mongers", as in giving life its last peace. Though grey elves do kill, they only do so if they know that the individual or group has nothing to stay on Erudite for, so that they won't stay on Erudite as a spirit instead of moving on.