Abomination War Council

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The Abomination War Council is an elite group of warriors and tacticians of the abominations. They lead the forces of the Golden Empire of Creation into war and are thought by many to be the Khyorgan Abominations' supreme rulers; In truth the Primordial Malcide rules the abominations undisputed, but most civilizations of Khyorgan have no knowledge of his existance. The Abomination War Council's members are each unique, rather than members of larger caste groups, and they can be reborn if killed, as their brains can be recreated and their souls are bound to return to Malcide when separated from their bodies.


Aughar is an abomination charged with hunting magical artifacts and beings. Aughar has a thick, disk-like head with three protruding eyes which can shift in different directions and focus independently of one another, on the top of it's head Aughar has a tall, insect-like antenna developed to allow it to sense magical anomalies. Aughar has a stocky and rounded but somewhat humanoid body, and has a trumpet-like biological implement on either shoulder allowing it to blast out varying sound waves as an offensive weapon.


Nysentho is a massive aquatic creature likened to an eel or serpentine goby, it has two sickle-like raptorial arms that it uses to grab enemy ships and drag them underwater. Nysentho can suck in large amounts of water from it's surroundings, dragging any unlucky swimming creatures nearby into it's waiting teeth, and spew fourth a powerful jet of water. Nysentho has very acidic stomach acids so that it can digest it's prey if they are too small for it to bite, and it can spit out these acids at it's foes in combat.