Abomination Crusades

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Abomination Crusades
Location Khyorgan
Status Tauryan victory, repulsion of the Abominations from all of Khyorgan except Dhelarushick
Kingdom of Taurya Abominations
Commanders and leaders
King Matharis IV Malcide

Abomination War Council

The Abomination Crusades were a series of campaigns by the Kingdom of Taurya, lead by King Matharis IV against the Abominations. The Abominations were lead into battle by the Abomination War Council; However, unbeknownst to the Tauryans, the abominations were secretly under the control of Malcide, the last active of the ancient Primordials, powerful, immortal beings created by the First Pantheon.

Following several years of bloody conflict, the Abominations were successfully driven out Obreidhion, Lexighor and Andavronia. The abominations found themselves only the first victims of Matharis' rampages, as he purged and expelled several other races from Taurya before being expelled, whereupon he founded his own Matharian Empire and exterminated the native Qilin race of Gomchar.