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Below are the rules of Omniverse Nexus. The rules are more or less basic guidelines towards behavior, and upholding quality standards. For legal information, see the Terms of Service. Please remember that the Omniverse Nexus is not intended for anyone under the age of 13.

Copyrighted content

Main article: Omniverse Nexus:Copyrights

We do not allow the use of content such as media or images that were copyrighted by someone outside of the Nexus unless said content's licensing allows it. Essentially, you can use anything in the public domain, Creative Commons as well as anything stated to be publicly available for use. We are not a fan fiction, so images that depict copyrighted characters are not allowed here.


Spam is taken very seriously on the Omniverse Nexus. Any spambot accounts will get instantly IP blocked indefinitely, and any spam articles will be deleted. We have this policy in place due to the high volume of spambots that invade our site on a regular basis. Cleaning up after spam wastes time that can be used for more productive tasks. We consider the following spam:

  • Creation of spambots
  • Soliciting links to external sites
  • Creation of nonsense articles
  • Direct copying and pasting of pages from other wikis (unless you have permission to do so).

If you've found a spam article containing links, DO NOT click on them. These links can contain harmful programs such as viruses or Trojans. Report it immediately to an admin and necessary action will be taken.


For obvious reasons, vandalism is not allowed on this wiki. Vandalism is the act of deliberately ruining content pages to detract from their original enjoyability. The penalty for vandalism is up to the discretion of the admins, but in general, we have a zero tolerance policy for it. Note that if a user added something in good faith and the author did not want such an edit, it does not count as vandalism.

Here is what we define as vandalism:

  • Intentionally adding false information to articles
  • Adding nonsense, gibberish or spam
  • Blanking pages
  • Replacing the article's contents with nonsense, gibberish or spam.

Reader discretion

The Omniverse Nexus is intended for readers that are 13 and up. We do allow mature themes so long as they do not contradict the Terms of Service. If you feel your content may be unsuitable for audiences under the age of 17, then please include the following template at the top of your article:

{{Discretion|Put your reason here.}}

The above template is required to be used if the content of your article is considered unsuitable for audiences under 17. Below are some examples of content we deem to be mature-rated. If you are unsure if your article or story is considered mature-themed, please consult an admin.


We do not require profanity to be censored in articles. We allow it in sparse amounts without the need of the discretion template, but it will be required if there is a significantly large amount of it.

Graphic violence

Graphic violence is the intense depiction of major injuries such as disfigured limbs or blood. Detailed depictions of the violence may require the template.

Sexual content

Sexual themes are allowed, but do not post any images or writings that would be considered pornographic. We want to keep our viability in search engine rankings.

Psychological suffering

These include writings that may be uncomfortable to users susceptible to anxiety, depression or other mental disorders. Of all the reader discretion topics, this one is perhaps the most serious. If you are having thoughts of harming yourself or others, please contact the suicide hotline of your country.

Intense political topics

Only deep exploration of controversial political topics will require the discretion template. Cursory mention of politics will not require it. While political-themed articles and stories are allowed, do not include anything that would contradict the Terms of Service. As the Nexus has a policy of neutrality, please do not use the Nexus as a propaganda platform.


Flaming is insulting or bullying others whether it be in chat or on a message wall or article. Inflammatory comments or edits will be deleted or undone. If you are flamed by someone, please do not flame them back. Keep your cool, and if the situation escalates beyond your control, contact an admin.

Do not confuse criticism and flaming, as the two are completely different. Criticism of other articles, which is openly encouraged, is intended to help build and improve other articles. Flaming on the other hand is intended to outright insult and offend someone else which is highly frowned upon in a civil environment.

Modifying other articles

Collaboration and tandem stories are highly encouraged in the Nexus. Some articles on this wiki are open to being edited by anyone. Other articles can be claimed as individual creations marked by the following category:

  • Articles by User:<insert name here>

Before modifying such articles, you should ask permission from the original owner to be able to modify or add to their creations. The Discord server is the most efficient way to contact them. The reason we have this rule is simple. Changing content without permission will create unneeded frustration, especially if it results in creative differences. However, edits that fix spelling and grammar errors are always welcome regardless of who owns the article.

Article quality

We are not professional authors, but we simply ask for our writers to make an effort in order to create presentable articles. Spell check your articles and try to be consistent with the formatting of other articles already present. It is advisable to use the pitch system on the Discord channel to run your ideas by the loremasters to make sure it fits the continuity. Consult more experienced users on the Discord channel if you need assistance.


Though we do not like having to, sometimes a user must be blocked for various reasons. Blockings are decided on a consensus basis at the decision of both admins and regular users.