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The Omniverse Nexus is a shared writing universe created from the collaboration of over a dozen authors. We currently have 354 articles.

What are we?

Omniverse Nexus is a place where writers of all skill levels can collaborate in constructing a shared universe (or more accurately, multiverse). If you have any original stories, articles and whatnot you want to add, then feel free to pitch your idea to us so that we can get your work properly assimilated. We also have a collection of writing guides to help out both less experienced users who need some assistance in getting started as well as veterans who want to brush up and rethink their old approaches. The Nexus as a whole would technically fall under the science fantasy genre, but each of the individual settings are distinct enough to have genres of their own from science fiction to high fantasy to historical fiction.

What we're not

We are not a fan fiction, so only original work is allowed. We're also not a medium for heavy-handed anvil dropping morals because our users all come from different walks of life and have different views from one another. Lastly, while we are not professional writers (i.e. we do not write for the Nexus as a career), we approach and consider issues in a professional manner.

Getting started

Main article: Omniverse Nexus:Getting started

Being a large multiverse of many worlds, the Omniverse Nexus is easy to get lost in. If you want to navigate our site more easily, we strongly encourage you visit this page to orient yourself.

History of the Omniverse Nexus

The Omniverse Nexus has roots that go back to March 2009 beginning on a humble fan fiction wikia based on the 2008 video game Spore setting the stage for the predecessor of the Myth Galaxy setting. As more and more worldbuilding details extended far beyond the scope of the game, one of the larger fan fictions broke off on March 13, 2012, to become its own original wikia with all direct references to Spore removed, at the time known as "Omniverse: Galactic Conquest" or Omniverse GC for short. It became a massive, science fantasy setting tied together by a collaborative series of short stories known as Dark Prophecy. Around October 2012, there were disagreements about what direction the genre of the setting should go whether to go for more scientific accuracy or to stick with pure fantasy. The solution was the creation of the fantasy-themed Erudite Tales Wiki. Omniverse GC became much harder sci-fi, eventually seeing a total reboot as Galactic Crucibles Wiki while Erudite Tales retained all of the setting's former fantasy elements. Throughout the years, more and more ideas for different settings came about including alternate history, futuristic fantasy and superhero fiction which lead to the creation of more settings part of the same multiverse, thus leading to an overarching connection via a strange anomaly simply known as the Omniverse Nexus, a hub of all universes. When the limitations of wikia were getting pushed, it was later decided that an external site would be better to host all of our content. We started with a Wordpress site in March 2015, and then eventually replaced it with MediaWiki in February 2016. All the different wikias that were once separated now united as one.