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Currently, the MDF has few operations.
Currently, the MDF has few operations.
==Cooperation with [[Conglomerate States Armed Forces|CSAF]], national and regional militaries==
==Cooperation with [[Conglomerate States Armed Forces|CSAF]], national and regional militaries==
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Metaparliament Defence Force
Founded 4012 (307 years ago)
Service branches MDF Avendins, MDF Medical Corps, MDF Metaengineering Corps, MDF Intelligence Agency, MDF Gyrus Force, MDF Army
Headquarters Theogerousia
Supreme Commander Jenkins
Conscription None
Active personnel ~1,000,000
Reserve personnel ~100,000,000
Deployed personnel ~40,000

The Metaparliament Defence Force is the military organisation charged with protecting the constituents of the Metaparliament. While the MDF is officially an enormous military force, 99% of their number is comprised of inactive reserve units.



The Metaparliament has maintained military forces ever since its foundation more than four thousand years ago. However, until 4012, only 307 years ago, the only centrally-controlled military that the Metaparliament had were the Avendins, an elite corps of manufactured spirit-robots that never numbered more than 100,000. In 4012, a centralised military structure was created to supercede the almost entirely decentralised ad-hoc local defence forces. However, the centralised military was to remain small.

Panthalassa War

The Panthalassa War and parallel Great Spirit War marked the first and so far only major engagement of the MDF.


The MDF is an all-volunteer military force and has been since its creation. Generally, the MDF has been comprised almost entirely out of inactive reservists with a small corps of permanently-deployed elite spirit-soldiers.

Current Operations

Currently, the MDF has few operations.

Cooperation with CSAF, national and regional militaries

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