House Sardius

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House Sardius is one of the four remaining noble families of Arguros. They are distantly related to House Carnelian. House Sardius is located in the eastern most part of Arguros where the Dariel Sea lies separating the country from the desert nation of Govadia.


House Sardius, like its sister House, consists of a group of people descended from the legendary warlord Dariel who possessed the curse of the Grand Idol. Unlike House Carnelian which represses the effects of the curse, House Sardius actively embraces it interpreting their dreams and visions as signs. They hone their fear and anger into their actions which generally makes members of the Sardius family highly ambitious and cunning.

Because House Sardius actively intermarries with both Argurosians and Govadians, they have a very mixed appearance with generally bronze skin, hazel eyes and dark hair. This means that many non-nobles including native Govadians are born with the curse of the Grand Idol.


After a ban on the use of dark magic, House Sardius ended up seceding from Arguros to become an independent state. As a result, it opened up relations with Govadia in terms of trade. As a result, House Sardius has since become a contested piece of territory between the two nations.

Govadia is far more open to Sardius' use of black magic although it disapproves of their blood sacrifices practices, preferring that they instead only execute criminals pending death roe. Although Govadia was previously at war with Arguros in the past, the darkest of Sardius's practices is the reason why Govadia has not aided House Sardius any further aside from trade of resources.


Unlike House Carnelian which uses a male heir to pass on lineage, in House Sardius, either a male or female can be the heir so long as they possess the curse. They are also free to marry whomever they wish.

  • Janus Sardius - The founder of House Sardius. Believed to be distantly related to Quercus Carnelian although no historical records link to the two of them aside from the fact that they both possessed the Grand Idol curse.


  • Vesta Sardius - The mother of Diana.
    • Diana Sardius - A rebel Sardius that ran away with Jasper Carnelian to have an illegitimate child, Alder Carnelian
    • Bellona Sardius - Sister to Diana
    • Sihir Sardius - A commoner from Govadia that married Bellona
      • Minerva Sardius - Daughter of Bellona and Sihir