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The Hotesa (from Monbana kodex, "the book") is the central religious text of Sommizol, which Zolmon consider to be a product of divine inspiration and a record of the relationship between the Halon (gods) and mortals.




The term Arkus (Monbana for "beginning") is used to refer to the first two chapters of the Hotesa, which are listed below, along with their Mavibi and Monbana titles:

  • Battle, Savash, Savus
  • Rebirth, Yendo'yus, Renatus


Nomus ("laws") lay the foundations of Zolmon theological law, and explains the nature of reincarnation, of the Eternal Cycle, of the spirit, and of other beliefs and phenomena. It is traditionally believed that the Nomus were revealed to mortals by the Prophets of Adal (Adalcam).

  • Eternity, Som, Sommus
  • Spirit, Sykam, Sīkus
  • Purity, Arilam, Anyotus
  • Commandments, Eram, Entolus


The Lektus ("lessons") constitutes the majority of the Hotesa, and documents the lives and teachings of the five groups (omada) of prophets (elca). The chapters of the Lektus are titled according to the main virtues promoted by their subject prophets.

  • Love, Ashkam, Amorus
  • Mercy, Maham, Elius
  • Honesty, Itekam, Idegus
  • Justice, Adalam, Dikaius
  • Wisdom, Bilgam, Sofius