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Govadia is a desert nation northeast of the New Leir Empire although it has very poor relations with that nation.


Govadia is a theocracy that fully embraces worship of Asmos. Surprisingly, Govadia is tolerant of magic, as they believe it brings them closer to Asmos. In spite of this, worship of Asmos is highly enforced. Those who do not follow the Asmosian religion are often subject to high taxes and denial of many public services.

Despite this, Govadia has positive relations with Arguros, although they have weakened over time as House Sardius as expressed interest in seceding and joining Govadia.

Points of interest


Govadia's southern border is home to the ancient city of Asmovinah, created shortly after the first Leirian refugees made landfall in Emsius. What once a holy sanctuary is now a haven for illegal activities as an uneasy cease fire between Govadia and the New Leir Empire has just barely prevented an all-out war. Due to the terms of the treaty preventing either nation from directly intervening, Asmovinah has become effectively an anarchy, and law enforcement is either corrupt or incompetent.

Vigilantes are often seeing trying to bring peace to the city on their own, but at the risk of provoking either Govadia or New Leir Empire into another deadly war.


While Govadia contests claim for the holy city of Asmovinah with the New Leir Empire, Govadia's own main capital is Eaynriel, a technologically advanced metropolis built on an oasis next to the Dariel Sea standing as a symbol of Govadia's openness to innovation to make worship of Asmos far easier.


According to legend, when the refugees from Old Leir made landfall in Emsius, they chose to start a new life. They used the last of their ekati supplies to shape a holy city Asmovinah to dedicate to their ancestors.

However, over time, the cultures of the settlements surrounding the city diverged dramatically. While what would become the New Leir Empire sought to rebuild Leir exactly how it was, the the precursors to Govadia sought to instead dedicate their lives to worshiping Asmos as a means of moving on. Soon, war broke out between the two nations over control of Asmovinah. While it began as an armed conflict, it eventually was put to a halt after multiple cease fires - the lack of resources prevented either side from fully taking control. With the conflict remaining unresolved, an uneasy peace between the two nations persists.