Dr. Karen Kleiner

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Dr. Karen Kleiner is a psychologist that earned her PhD at the Martines Academy of Supernatural Phenomena. She is often known as the go-to therapist for a wide variety of supernatural beings. Her specialty is in non-human psychology - spirits, Id and other supernatural beings are her main clientele. Her skillsets involve helping these beings reconcile certain emotions, ideas and philosophies that are otherwise alien to the majority of humans. For example, Id that have had prolonged exposure to the Realm of Light begin to develop positive emotions. Dr. Kleiner helps them reconcile their new state of being.


Dr. Kleiner had somewhat of a rivalry with Charlotte Beaumont during their academic careers at MASP. Both of them saw different priorities in terms of ethics. While Dr. Beaumont was eager to experiment on a variety of different creatures, Dr. Kleiner was a bit more considerate and empathetic instead wanting to talk to them to find out what made them tick. Despite their opposite goals, they still got along and both sought the same thing: science.

Dr. Kleiner earned her thesis by doing a case study abroad in Japan. She had spent several years observing the development of an Id named Kakashi who had assisted Maria Martines in defeating Vernietigen. Despite Kakashi's origins as a mindless being, Kakashi was developing emotions associated with the Realm of Light. Dr. Kleiner later used that case study to build a framework for understanding how non-human beings thought. In the 2010s, Dr. Kleiner joined SomniCorps to become the head of its medical department.

Dr. Kleiner has seen a large number of high profile patients. Among her clients include Loki, Thor and Odin who all approached her during the aftermath of the Second Rupture. After learning that Charlotte Beaumont was abducted by Henkle Osborn and taken to the Infinite Tournament, she focused her efforts on what seemed to be an impossible task: to understand the insane, omniscient mind of Henkle and to perhaps reason with him.