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Briskwind is a city-state of the Xeng Empire located in the Sen Forest.


Briskwind is found within a tundra biome covered in forest. Snow melts during the summer, but arrives as early as the fall. The terrain is rugged with rolling hills.


Briskwind is a largely a quite area as it has yet to be industrialized like the other city-states. Buildings are constructed out of log cabins heated by wood stoves. It is largely a collection of small houses surrounding a town hall. These houses are relatively isolated from one another.


Briskwind is valuable for its lumber trade. The city sets aside plots of land reserved as tree farms. Using crop rotation, Frostwood trees are planted and harvested in a set in cycle. It is within these areas where housing establishments have been built.

Snowapples are another common cash crop for Briskwind. They are known for their deliciously, cold, moist taste and they can grow in almost any climate so long as they are maintained properly with the correct magical spells.