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{{Infobox creature
{{Infobox creature
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|setting = GC
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|status = Thriving
|status = Thriving

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General information
Status Thriving
Native to Sama
Size 4'/1.22m tall
Diet Omnivorous/Photosynthetic
Limbs 4
Eyes 2
Intelligence Sapient
Symmetry Bilateral
Lifespan 1000 years, but cuttings can retain memories
Known for Curiousity, lack of vocal cords

The Yak'Tigo are a species of mammaloids hailing from the superearth Sama in the inner north arm of the crucible galaxy.


Diet- Yak'Tigo are capable of photosynthesis through symbiotic plants, but mostly subsist on other foods. They are a highly advanced race culinarily speaking, as their long lives make them actively pursue new tastes.

Reproduction Yak'Tigo can reproduce from many kilometers away thanks to pollination by an allied species known as Yak'Tolo. They spread pollen and nectar through the flowers growing from their heads and use it to fertilize eggs.

Neurology Yak'Tigo do not feel lonely, and have diminished social skills when compared with most races. They do feel empathy, but have no compulsion to help others, making concepts like sharing very difficult to learn. Excellent spatial awareness.

Morphology Yak'Tigo stand at around four feet tall, posses a bilateral symmetry, and a humanoid body plan.


Yak'Tigo culture is insanely diverse, as almost every individual Yak'Tigo have their own practices or aesthetics. Music is generally nonexistent among Yak'Tigo, as they do not wish to perform for anyone. Art on the other hand, has been used for millenia, even by Yak'Tigos evolutionary ancestors in order to augment aesthetics. With the advent of alien contact, many Yak'Tigo are slowly being assimilated into larger cultures. They valorise the gaining of knowledge.


Organized religion has never existed in Yak'Tigo history, although spirituality is commonplace and continues into the present. As a result, any traveller who comes to the Yak'Tigo homeworld will experience a wide variety of strange beliefs.

Interspecies relations

Wanderers These were the first aliens the Yak'Tigo contacted