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I Have Eyes, a Smog Hollows story

Blind since birth, I’ve gotten used to being a kind of second class citizen in my community. It costs me more to interact with the world, whether I’m the one paying for it or not. Some people resent me for it, but for the most part people are kind and willing to help out. There are even those who are willing to help out as their paid job, carers who guide me around the house, cook for me, or even drive me to places - not that there are many places to visit, at my age. It helps... but that does not mean that I feel like a normal person. I have to learn different things, other habits, separate ways of interacting with the world - and in some cases I simply cannot interact with the world. I would love to know why everyone stares at paintings in galleries, and why a photograph is so realistic when compared to a pencilled sketch. But those things are beyond me... Or at least, they were beyond me...

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  • ... that as particles have a finite number of ways to arrange themselves, somewhere out there is a clone of you?
  • ... that the okapi was thought to be a mythological creature until it was officially documented in 1901?
  • ... that Aboriginal Australians were among the first groups to leave Africa, arriving in Australia at least 40,000 years ago?

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