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Hi I'm Krayfishkarl!
Hi I'm Krayfishkarl!
This is a link to [[Leir]].
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<!-- The Prettiness -->

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Hi I'm Krayfishkarl!

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Krayfishkarl's Profile
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To do list

About me

  • I am a site admin and domain owner.
  • I am the co-creator of Galactic Crucibles and Dreamwalkers settings.
  • In Erudite Tales, I made Leir, Emsius, Polvora and Piasa.
  • I'm from the East Coast USA.
  • I am mixed Mexican and German.
  • Hablo un poco español. (I speak a tiny bit of Spanish).
  • I'm an amateur game designer and am currently working on a game using Unreal Engine 4 called Droplet: States of Matter.
  • I am a music composer.

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