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Darya, officially the United Provinces of Darya is a nation comprising 18 systems located in the mid-regions of the Far North Arm. Darya is centred around its namesake and largest world of Darya, the second planet of the Adal system. The United Provinces is dominated by the Darsi people, although some minorities exist, particularly in the outer territories of the United Provinces. The United Provinces describes itself as a federal directorial republic. The Darsi government operates under a distinct and unique form of direct democracy.

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  • ... that planets have been found around binary, trinary and even quaternary star systems?
  • ... that the inspiration for Game of Thrones came from George R.R. Martin's pet turtles?
  • ... that the city of Rome, contrary to Roman legend, probably was not founded deliberately in 753 BCE by Romulus and Remus, but grew naturally from pastoral settlements on the Palatine Hill?

  • Aliens don't always have to look like humans with rubber foreheads. Aim for something a bit more bizarre.
  • Pacifist civilizations do not need a military. Or else they wouldn't be pacifists. Civilizations that desire peace but have a military would otherwise be referred to as peacekeepers.
  • No one has copyrighted the real world.
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