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I have written a total of {{PAGESINCAT:Articles by User:Chromogar}} articles.
I have written a total of {{PAGESINCAT:Articles by User:Chromogar}} articles.
<div class=background>[[file:Wave_reverse_vector.svg|3000px|link=]] </div>
<div class=background>[[file:Wave_reverse_vector.svg|3000px|link=]] </div>
[[Category:Articles by User:Chromogar]]
[[Category:Articles by User:Chromogar]]

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Interface Administrator and Dreamwalkers Loremaster

Began 20 July 2018
Involved In
DW logo.svg
Since 26 July 2018
Since 21 April 2019
Creations Abersynth
GC logo.svg
Since 20 July 2018
Creations Mycandra
IH logo.svg
Since 29 August 2019
Creations Revamped Roman Empire
Flag of Roman Empire.svg
Name Ben
Nationality  Australian
Ancestry Anglo-Chinese
Hometown Melbourne, Vic
Residence Melbourne, Vic
Religion Christian
  • Graphic design
  • Doctor Who
  • Avatar
  • Music (Beginner)
  • OpenTTD

Hi! I'm Chromogar, an Omniverse writer and contributer from Melbourne, Australia. I am active on Dreamwalkers and Smog Hollows. I am the creator of Coracan, Abersynth and the Mycandra. I've also designed the current Omniverse Nexus logo (and variants, with welcome input from TheTimMan), the current Dreamwalkers logo, Smog Hollows logo and the Heroic Ages logo.

I am a the loremaster of the Dreamwalkers setting.

Outside of the wiki website

I'm the creator of Chromographia, a Wordpress blog centered on week-by-week on the life of Daora Meredok, a Daranese teenager from the world of Coracan within the Dreamwalkers setting of the Omniverse Nexus. It takes the strange and the surreal and weaves them into a very different, but hard and familiar real world.

Social media

(If this link doesn't work, then search 'Chromographia' in your search engine)

Games I play




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I have written a total of 139 articles.


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