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God(s) Thousands of gods
Evil god(s) The Dark Spirits
Head None
Holy day(s) Diwanalia (38/3)
Adherents 650,000,000
Demonym Taiana

Taiana is the oldest of the organised pagan religions on Coracan and is the only one not to have gone through a process of deliberate reformation. The part of Coracan where the religion formed has been highly organised for many millennia, rather than tribal, as was the case down south.

As a result, the diverse pantheon of Taiana has no central authority of any kind. In practice, political leaders and the people they represent can choose their own god to venerate depending on that god's area of jurisdiction. Like other pagan religions, Taiana has an enormous pantheon of thousands of gods, however, only a very small number have made it to the top of the pantheon.

Around 650 million people on Coracan adhere to the Taiana faith, approximately 13% of the world population. Most of these adherents live in Indigo, Coracan's second-most populous country.

Taiana scripture is ancient and voluminous. Its record of revelations of transcendental truths to ancient prophets and teachings on the nature of the gods, their exploits and the various precepts on how best to live life influenced the reformation process of the Anaki religion.










Cultural influence

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