Story:I Am Become Life

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I Am Become Life
Written 3 July 2019
Story Arcs Ramses story arc
Part 1
Next Fire and Fury
Wordcount 151
Character(s) Ramses
Location The Smog
Also posted at Chromographia

I am builder of hearts and writer of minds
In the Smog I make my home
In the wastes, I draw the world lines
I fill every book and write every tome

I created a Daughter out of Smog
I wrote her soul out of mist
I built her body out of dust
Together we shall work and slog
Till we have finished the List
Doing all that must

Be done

I am the One Who Brings Benefit
I am Ramses, unforgotten, eternally great
Immortality, I have hit
There is none I need satiate

Together we will create a new land,
Flowing with honey and milk
Prospering by my hand
Draped in finest silk

Together, everything that was forgotten
Will be remembered, not dismembered
Everything that died
Will be revived as if it had survived
Everything broken
Will be healed, and Death's gates sealed

I am become Life, the creator of worlds