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Edge of the Galaxy
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Written 20.03.2020
Story Arcs K-3
Part First/1
Previous N/a
Next TBA
Character(s) Darren, Various Nuuska
Location Darwol

The Edge of the Galaxy

For many of the intelligent species of the Crucible Galaxy their collective home was a truly immense place. It was a melting pot of a million civilisations. There was no part of that infinite sky which was not home, when looked upon from the inside. However, there were those who viewed the galaxy from another perspective. From the outside, the Crucible Galaxy was merely another shining point in the darkness of an intergalactic void. The depth of that vast nothing was far greater than any individual could imagine - yet something within stirred, fixing its gaze on that ‘shining point’...

For a hundred thousand years, the planet of the Darwol had been escaping the confines of the galaxy. Thrown from its home star, it would drift deeper into the void for all eternity. The Darwol themselves had only found out recently - they had merely climbed out from beneath the thick ice a couple millennia ago - but it did not bother them. Having only been aware of an ‘outside’ for so long, the difference between a sky filled with stars or a sky lacking them was secondary to the fact that a sky existed at all. An even stranger fact was that there were creatures that hailed from this ‘outside’: They each professed to be from separate areas, to have unique cultures, and prefer various modes of entertainment, but really they were all the same - large, bodily beings with limbs of some form who came along in metallic capsules that originated from that same point in the sky - the Crucible.

Amongst all these visitors there was only one type that seemed to differ in any regard - The Nuuska. All except for the Nuuska came in order to study the Darwol, a situation that was apparently profound and unique for the quality that their home did not swing around a central burning ‘star’. No... instead, the Nuuska seemed to share the Darwol’s own fascination with that mysterious ‘above’, and came to join them in looking up at the hanging darkness that pervaded the outside. They’d constructed some other kind of capsules atop the ice - but they never interfered with the lives of the Darwol themselves. It was for this reason that the Nuuska had earned the respect of the Darwol.

After a long time had passed, supposedly marked on the Crucible’s calendars by a ‘decade’, the Darwol decided to send an envoy to the Nuuska in the name of diplomacy. Coalescing their individual cells, they gathered together into a body and climbed into a stasis suit capable of withstanding the extreme temperatures of the outside. Usually the bodies they formed were temporary and trivial, but this specific collection decided to name itself ‘Darren’ for the momentous occasion that may go down in the annals of history. Following this, Darren shambled their way slowly over the kilometres of desolate landscape towards the presence of the aliens.

Finally coming across the station that had been built, Darren internally reconstructed their optic nerves in order to distinguish an entrance more easily. After gazing upon the tall blue cylinders in front of them for a while, Darren turned around and noticed that one of the Nuuska was standing outside in a cloak. Shambling closer, they observed the stillness of the creature. Like the others that had visited, their macro-sized body seemed a permanent structure. The alien’s skin was a shade between red and purple, and seemed to wrap around a bipedal body plan - two long legs, two skinny arms, and a head adorning the top. The Nuuska’s head had four large black orbs embedded within it - eyes that swirled with specks similar to that dark sky above. It did not turn to acknowledge Darren’s arrival.

They waited in silence a while. Darren attempted to fix a sight on something in the dark portion of the sky that the Nuuska was looking at, but could not find anything of interest. Perhaps it was just deep in thought. Ruminating was apparently one of the hobbies of the races that originated in the galaxy they all came from. The Darwol never had time to ruminate, those kinds of tasks were delegated to particular formations in their society - it was a bit beyond Darren’s capacities. At a loss for ideas, Darren decided to ease the strain on their formation and sat down. After several more minutes the Nuuska turned their head to look at the Darwol. Darren could not perceive it’s intention, but it was unlikely to be violent. It took an arm out from its cloak and pointed towards the cylinders, where an opening parted the surface. Darren assumed it must be a kind of invitation, and decided to walk over to the cylinder, though it seemed strange that the Nuuska stayed outside, and went back into the trance it was in earlier... staring at the void...

The entrance to the cylinder closed silently, and for a moment nothing happened. Inside, there was no indication of direction - a seamless silver interior. Darren lurched. The capsule seemed to be moving, but the lack of any features only served to disorient its occupants. A short while thereafter the capsule came to a stop, and opened again. Darren gazed around as artificial light bloomed. Just ahead there were some types of miniature farms, suspended in glass. A number of corridors went in many directions. For the darwol this building was extremely spacious, but upon finding another Nuuska one could understand the cramped living conditions. The alien that had just walked into the room was in a perpetual stoop. It beckoned the Darwol forward, and Darren heeded the instruction. In the next room there were two more of bird-like creatures (though, in truth, no Darwol had ever seen what a ‘bird’ really looked like). They were each pouring over screens of numerical values. The group seemed to be searching for some kind of pattern within the data, but could not find it. They turned towards Darren, almost as if to ask for help - though no question or command was uttered. Understanding the intention, however, Darren brought themselves to one of the chairs in front of the monitor.

Upon sitting down, the Darwol decided to change formation. Drawing up cells that were currently in-use by their limbic system, they were instead invested into the make-shift cerebrum that was housed in the upper portion of the stasis-suit. Darren could feel their intelligence growing - as if waking from a dream, continuously peeling back layers of awareness. When Darren had invested as many cells as could be done safely, they turned their eyes towards the screens. In the reflection of the monitors they found an image of themselves: a viscous pile of goop inside a suit, placed on a chair. When their eyes focused, they could even count the individual cells that made up the current formation. For a moment, the Darwol thought about a change of name, as would be customary, but the larger force behind its collective mind decided ‘Darren’ was good enough while there were other things at hand (though somewhere it was noted that they were now ‘Darren II’). They turned their attention back to the screens - this time paying attention to the data presented.

By the apparent trajectories they understood that some of these values were related to the planet they were situated on - termed a ‘rogue planet’ in the Nuuska’s files. They looked for similar values, coming upon other planetary objects that were supposedly all around the ‘Crucible’. The inner context of the values made these trivial, however, as the focus of these values was in fact on the stellar bodies - stars. On one screen were the averages and expectancies, and on another... the actualities... something was wrong... Darren was studying the patterns for the lifespans of various stars, and of course there were discrepancies, of course there were wide ranges, but this was something... different. These changes were sudden, outside of the boundaries of the events of supernovae or collapses - spying another screen, even all known artificial events were being accounted for... Some of these stars were shifting magnitudes far before their time - some in ways that should not be possible. What should have taken a couple billion years was taking mere centuries, in some situations a couple decades... and all of the cases being presented were around the outer rim of the galaxy - namely the systems where the Nuuska held presence.

Darren II looked around at the three aliens standing behind the chair. Clearly they had come to a similar conclusion - a directed attack. But there was also puzzlement, why an attack in so indirect a form? How were the stars experiencing this kind of phenomena? Who would have the motivation to do this? Then Darren II understood... The Nuuska that had been outside was not merely looking into the sky, they were staring into the dark parts. Something was out there, and it was beginning to coil around the Crucible galaxy. To most, it would be immeasurable - but the Nuuska are spread sparse and far, away from the core regions for reasons of their own. The Nuuska were the only ones who would be collecting the specific data needed to be aware of what was happening. And now the Darwol had a share of this knowledge. But... why? This attack did not seem to be a threat to the Darwol. The experimental shifts would only affect the stars of the galaxy, as a by-product this would affect the planets. If the attack surged inwards then perhaps civilisations would collapse, the galaxy would go dark, and cold ruins would be left behind. But this did not matter to the Darwol - they would live on peacefully as long as they drifted outwards - as long as the radiation and heat from the core of their planet lasted, and perhaps long after that with the theoretical technology they were working on. The apparent ‘danger’ was nothing of the sort to the Darwol. And then the pieces clicked into place. Darren II understood why they were allowed to visit this strange race they had a respect for: they were a neutral party. There was no bias of kinship towards the galaxy with the analysis that had been performed by Darren II. It was a peer review. Darren II had confirmed their suspicions, and judging by their reaction, their fears.

It was here that Darren II decided to reform their limbic system, now Darren III, and shambled their way around the rest of the capsule - taking note of anything that seemed interesting. The group of Nuuska had been gathered together, working on some kind of plan, but Darren III had grown bored of the interaction and yearned for some more important task to be fit for. Darren III made their way back home, through the featureless capsule and back onto the barren ice drifts of the surface, and eventually back down below the ice sheets. The information of this experience was passed on throughout Darwol society, as the cells that once made up Darren III passed from formation to formation, diluting through the collective bodies.

The Darwol wondered if they would ever see the Nuuska again - as shortly after this event it was noted that they departed. But still, other visitors came along. The Darwol kept a part of their attention on that specific section of the sky in future, wondering what was to become of the danger they faced. But it was only a matter of trivial knowledge. The rogue planet kept drifting deeper and deeper into the intergalactic void - carrying the life within further and further from the edge of the galaxy.

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