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Riley Malsworth
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Born c.2060s
Era Late 21st century
Home town Arcana City, Jin 3
Species Human
Parents Unknown
Special abilities Is a witch

Riley Malsworth is a witch native to Jin-3, a moon in the star system MIM-4185113.


Riley and her sister Brynia were born into a poor family in Arcana City on the gas giant moon Jin-3. Because of this, neither of them knew their real parents as society in Arcana had no nuclear families. Everything was communal.

From an early age, the two of them both attended the Arcana School of Sorcery in order to learn more about magic. As a result, they became friendly rivals, competing for the best grades.

Brynia’s disappearance

Eventually, Riley became the second best student in the class with Brynia right in front of her. Brynia, who was recognized as a child prodigy for her exceptional abilities, had mysteriously vanished shortly after. The school's chairmen claimed that Brynia was given a personal mission to see the Toad Queen and that she would be gone for a long time, but Riley was never told ahead of time.

None of Riley’s teachers were willing to talk about Brynia’s disappearance. Seeking to discover her sister’s fate, she delved into the school’s libraries, spending entire nights looking for information. Her search eventually took her to the classified information, forbidden knowledge kept hidden for generations. It was there that she found that Brynia was taken to an entity known as the Toad Queen to be used as a sacrifice. Years before, other children that had been visiting the Toad Queen have never come back.

Worse yet, this practice was well known among the original colonists. They had made the pact with the Toad Queen upon first settling Jin-3, but did not tell future generations about it.

Knowing that talking to the other students or to the teachers about the new information would mean her being banished from the village, Riley had to go in secret.

After three days in the wilderness, Riley finally discovered the Toad Queen, the self-proclaimed goddess of earth. The Toad Queen, while initially a small, talking creature was actually the figurehead of a much larger, plant-animal-like organism that had swallowed Brynia, storing her away inside a cavernous fleshy chamber lined with dozens of gooey pods. Her life force was slowly being drained until the end of the year which will allow the Toad Queen to ensure a plentiful harvest for the wizards back in Arcana. Brynia was a sacrifice to ensure that Arcana City could continue as a civilization.

Riley pleaded and bargained with the Toad Queen’s figurehead begging to have Brynia released and even allow herself to switch places, but was turned down. Finally, the two agreed that Riley would be allowed to speak with her sister one last time to say a goodbye. Reluctantly yet willingly, Riley allowed herself to be swallowed by the Toad Queen, but unfortunately, the girl was double-crossed. The Toad Queen refused to let her back out because the girl knew too much from reading the school’s forbidden library.

Trapped inside the Toad Queen's innards with Brynia, Riley was willing to accept her fate, but her sister was not. The two finally agreed to devise an escape plan. Riley used her animation spell on Brynia to give her a boost of strength, thus breaking out of the fleshy pod. Brynia used her own powers to help her sister escape as well, and then used her Gaze of Agony ability to turn the creature’s equivalent to a heart to stone. With the heart having ceased to function, the Toad Queen was dead.

Even though Riley rescued her sister, the two part ways as they argued over whether it was right to kill the Toad Queen. Riley just wanted to escape without harming the Toad Queen, but Brynia believed the Toad Queen deserved to die for consuming all the sacrificed kids. Brynia ran into the wilderness while Riley decided to go home. They would not see each other for a very long time.


Riley came home to find that Arcana City’s yearly harvest was unsuccessful, and that the city was in danger of famine. Because the Toad Queen was dead, not only was there a food shortage, but the entirety of Jin-3’s ecosystem was on the verge of collapse. Riley was blamed and banished from the city to live high in the mountains where food was even more scarce.

Riley was later discovered by an old, travelling woman named Leah Campbell. Leah revealed that she was travelling priestess atoning for her sins of the past by going from planet to planet to understand the harmony between the spirit and physical worlds.

The old woman spoke of another planet, Albacin III, where the people have contact with the dream world of Salvation, created by spirit beings called Avatars. She asked if Riley would like to join her to which she eagerly agrees wanting to leave Jin-3 behind.

Leah, seeing a bit of herself in Riley, took her under her wing, bringing her to Albacin III to settle into the suburbs of Vanda. To reintegrate her into the new society, Leah sent her to Drosmer High School to live a normal life. Leah herself would regularly return to Jin-3 to do the best she could to help the people of Arcana City.

Fitting in

Riley had difficulty fitting in since the subject material was entirely different. Rather than specializing in the ways of magic, the high school was more about general topics. Because she had little experience in other school subjects, she struggled academically especially with math and science. Considered odd for her magical powers, Riley was verbally bullied by other girls and had difficulty adapting especially since the law outside of reservations like Jin-3 required that her powers be constantly monitored. Leah could only do so much to help her out being split between her adoptive granddaughter and a city on the brink of starvation.

Her life would significantly change upon meeting Savien Wesiford.