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"Our destinies are written in the stars. While the future is inevitable, how we get there is our choice."

Nyfodolism was the primary religion of the Dragandr Meritocratic Monarchy.


Nyfodolism was founded by a Great Horned Dragon named Aeveon who had traveled from the future to assist the Karnasaurs in shaping the fate of the Dragandr who were still developing their civilization. The Great Horned Dragons were the distant successors to the Dragandr whose culture and livelihood were in turn influenced by the Karnasaurs. Legend had it that Aeveon appeared to the Dragandr in the form of a crystalline butterfly. As such, colored vector wing patterns became a recurring motif in much of Dragandr art, and it symbolized time and space.

Although Aeveon was worshiped as a god for a very long time, worship of him was discouraged in favor of acknowledging him as a mortal upon the discovery of his true nature as a time traveler. Because of the existence of a stable time loop, Dragandr philosophy gravitated towards themes of fate and destiny. The existence of free will was often debated among the Dragandr. Because the Great Horned Dragons had traveled back in time, it meant that the Dragandr had to eventually evolve to become them. What was not known was how.

Key to the Dragandr view of the universe was the idea of cosmic threads - invisible strings that connected the destinies of all living things. These strings extended across all of time and space through past and future and other universes. What one individual did, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, would have consequences elsewhere in the multiverse.

Members of the Sacred Federation of the Praetori fiercely believed that because of the stable time loop, their destiny towards greatness was already set in stone. As such, the SFP viewed themselves as invincible being handpicked by the cosmic threads of the universe. More moderate believers that were found among the DMM instead showed favor towards the idea that the threads were not always unambiguous. The DMM believed that claiming to know where all the cosmic threads lead was arrogant, but the SFP believed that through great effort, one could actually see the fates of all things.