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{{Infobox character
{{Infobox character
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| pre-nominals =  Brigadier
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Maryan Terschel
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Born 27 Serul 4272
Kartadaja, Nokola'I
Residence Pentapolis
Citizenship Nokola'Ian, Conglomerate States
Species Human
Height 175 cm

Early Life

Maryan Terschel`s family emigrated from the Nokola'I when she was 6, moving to the then-small city of Pentapolis, on the other side of the world. Her parents were hoping to join the increasingly large and well-organised Conglomerate States Metasecurity Taskforce. They were accepted and moved to Pentapolis for the job. During the 4290s and 4300s, CSMT's funding was cut, leading to mass redundancies. Her parents managed to keep their jobs partly because they had a lot of experience by that time. But they still took pay cuts.


Maryan too, also landed a job at CSMT. She happened upon some archival documents about Mark Wendal and his apparent evidence of worlds outside the Primanna. She spent years trying to find out more about him and discovered that people around the world had been disappearing without trace or memory. She worked at these things in the background.

Then, in late 4299, she was dreamwalking in a dreamworld of her own creation near Lupus Mundi, when she was felt something grab her entire body, dragging her through the gyrus. She was pulled through dense, black clouds next to a giant and weathered, orange rock, then primarily known as Ayers Rock.

It took several days for Australian authorities to pick up that she was a dreamwalker. She was taken to Pine Gap, an operation that took several hours. She mostly remembers being really tired and confused. They showed her a number of pictures and asked dozens of questions, which seemed to come from genuine curiosity and puzzlement. Then, one night, as the Australian authorities were trying to figure out what to do with her, she fell asleep and dreamwalked back to Coracan. She'd tried before, but it only worked days after she'd given up.


She's now an experienced member of CSMT and still researching those same things.

As a more senior member, she's been put in charge of a protection case involving a Daranese teenager called Daora Meredok. Daora seems surrounded by unexplained and unremembered disappearances while Sagamkor is becoming more belligerent and aggressive. And there's Myriad running around the city. Maryan is still trying to dreamwalk back to Earth, but she has not had any success as of 4317.

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