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Darya, officially the United Provinces of Darya is a nation comprising 18 systems located in the mid-regions of the Far North Arm. Darya is centred around its namesake and largest world of Darya, the second planet of the Adal system. The United Provinces is dominated by the Darsi people, although some minorities exist, particularly in the outer territories of the United Provinces. The United Provinces describes itself as a federal directorial republic. The Darsi government operates under a distinct and unique form of direct democracy.

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  • ... that Mars once had flowing liquid water on its surface?
  • ... that the source of the Oracle of Delphi's predictions might have come from sitting over a gas vent that would have induced similar effects of being high?
  • ... that the Japanese monarchy is the oldest continuous hereditary monarchy in the world, with the earliest firm evidence for its lineage dating back to 1,500 years ago?

  • Why was the Chosen One chosen? Was it luck of the draw or did this character prove themselves somehow?
  • When making mention of a planet, it would also be wise to name its star system along with where it is in the universe.
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