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The Omniverse Nexus is a collaborative worldbuilding community that comes together to bring life to a vast multiverse of worlds, civilisations and people.
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You know I read the other day, there are people today who’re old enough to vote and can’t remember a world before dreamwalking? Imagine that – fully-grown, adult people, and to them things have always been like this! They don’t remember 1999, might not have even been born when the so-called Apocalypse happened, and everything that’s happened since then is just normal to them! God, it makes me feel old. Well, I sure as hell remember 1999. Ask anyone who was more than two years old at the time, they can tell you. I remember how the world flipped upside-down, and suddenly fantasy turned out not to be so fantastical, dreams turned out not to be so imaginary, and myths turned out to be a whole lot more real than we’d ever thought.
  • Pardon our dust! The site is currently undergoing a major restructuring.
    • Contact User:Piminy if you would like to help out with categorization!
  • The Omniverse Gazette has unfortunately been discontinued.
  • ... that habitable planets come in many sizes? One potential candidate, HD 40307g , is seven times the size of Earth!
  • ... that the Homo floresiensis species was nicknamed the "Hobbit" due to their resemblance to the race from J.R.R. Tolkien's books?
  • ... that the city of Rome, contrary to Roman legend, probably was not founded deliberately in 753 BCE by Romulus and Remus, but grew naturally from pastoral settlements on the Palatine Hill?

  • A character's limitations are often more interesting than their abilities.
  • Pure good and pure evil mean different things for different cultures.
  • Be sure to distinguish the movement of starfighters in both air and space.
  • When creating something, it's okay to look at more developed examples for inspiration, but avoid copying them directly.