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The Omniverse Nexus is a collaborative worldbuilding community that comes together to bring life to a vast multiverse of worlds, civilisations and people.
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I Have Eyes, a Smog Hollows story

Blind since birth, I’ve gotten used to being a kind of second class citizen in my community. It costs me more to interact with the world, whether I’m the one paying for it or not. Some people resent me for it, but for the most part people are kind and willing to help out. There are even those who are willing to help out as their paid job, carers who guide me around the house, cook for me, or even drive me to places - not that there are many places to visit, at my age. It helps... but that does not mean that I feel like a normal person. I have to learn different things, other habits, separate ways of interacting with the world - and in some cases I simply cannot interact with the world. I would love to know why everyone stares at paintings in galleries, and why a photograph is so realistic when compared to a pencilled sketch. But those things are beyond me... Or at least, they were beyond me...

  • The Heroic Ages setting is now live! If superheroes are your thing, then this setting is for you!
  • We've created the second issue of our quarterly magazine Omniverse Gazette!
  • Our discord is open to the public. Join us here!
    • As a result, joining the Discord is required to obtain editing rights. We made this change to help streamline the account creation process and to guide first-time users into the community.
  • ... that some lichens and mosses are capable of surviving a simulated Mars environment?
  • ... that perhaps the eagles couldn't fly to Mordor after all because the One Ring may have corrupted them?
  • ... that evidence of the earliest anatomically modern humans dates back to about 200,000 years ago, with behavioural modernity being reached about 50,000 years ago?

  • Usually, there are shades of grey between good and evil.
  • Keep in mind that most habitable planets orbiting a red dwarf star will be tidally locked. Carbon-based life can only survive in the area between the day and night sides.
  • An invisibility cloak is useless in space. The enemy can still see you if they have a radar.
  • A bad story is just a good story that hasn't been sufficiently edited yet.