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The Omniverse Nexus is a collaborative worldbuilding community that comes together to bring life to a vast multiverse of worlds, civilisations and people.
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Darya, officially the United Provinces of Darya is a nation comprising 18 systems located in the mid-regions of the Far North Arm. Darya is centred around its namesake and largest world of Darya, the second planet of the Adal system. The United Provinces is dominated by the Darsi people, although some minorities exist, particularly in the outer territories of the United Provinces. The United Provinces describes itself as a federal directorial republic. The Darsi government operates under a distinct and unique form of direct democracy.

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  • ... that Saturn's moon, Titan, might have methane-based life on it?
  • ... that the source of many mythical creatures like the Chinese qilin turned out to be exotic animals from Africa?
  • ... that contrary to popular belief, it has been known since the 6th century BCE that the world is round?

  • Weaknesses don't necessarily have to be something like Kryptonite. They can be personality flaws, too.
  • Keep in mind that most habitable planets orbiting a red dwarf star will be tidally locked. Carbon-based life can only survive in the area between the day and night sides.
  • Be sure to distinguish the movement of starfighters in both air and space.
  • Don't take personal offence to constructive criticism. Your critic's only intention is to help you.