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This month's featured story

Coming soon!

Did you know...

  • ... that there is water in the Martian soil?
  • ... that the source of many mythical creatures like the Chinese qilin turned out to be exotic animals from Africa?
  • ... that contrary to popular belief, it has been known since the 6th century BCE that the world is round?

Community News

  • A massive visual overhaul is underway! We'll be sprucing up the site to make it much more user friendly than before.
  • Dreamwalkers: Sleep Descent has been cancelled though it will still be available for download. Krayfish Entertainment will be directing attention to Droplet: States of Matter.
  • We are opting to create new material as opposed to migrating from the old wikias. Stay tuned for a wave of development.


  • Should you get involved in a tandem story with multiple protagonists, try not to make your character hog the spotlight.
  • Don't make your civilization a land of Mary Sues.
  • Avoid using superlatives to describe your creations. Use specific details instead.
  • Found a spelling error on someone else's article? It's perfectly okay to fix it.

This month's featured user

ReachNetwork because he's awesome with HTML and CSS.

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