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This month's featured story

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Did you know...

  • ... that planets have been found around binary, trinary and even quaternary star systems?
  • ... that perhaps the eagles couldn't fly to Mordor after all because the One Ring may have corrupted them?
  • ... that contrary to popular belief, it has been known since the 6th century BCE that the world is round?

Community News

  • We have now made our Discord Channel open to the public. Join us here!
    • As a result, joining the Discord is now required to obtain editing rights. We made this change to help streamline the account creation process and to guide first-time users into the community.


  • Why was the Chosen One chosen? Was it luck of the draw or did this character prove themselves somehow?
  • Make sure you discuss your ideas with others to avoid continuity conflicts.
  • There is no friction in space.
  • Got a question? Don't hesitate to contact an admin. They're all willing to help you out.

This month's featured user

ReachNetwork because he's awesome with HTML and CSS.

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