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A multiverse of original creations that you can contribute to
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This month's featured story

Coming soon!

Did you know...

  • ... that habitable planets come in many sizes? One potential candidate, HD 40307g , is seven times the size of Earth!
  • ... that the Homo floresiensis species was nicknamed the "Hobbit" due to their resemblance to the race from J.R.R. Tolkien's books?
  • ... that Rus', the medieval state which would become Russia, was founded and ruled by Vikings?

Community News

  • A massive visual overhaul is underway! We'll be sprucing up the site to make it much more user friendly than before.
  • Dreamwalkers: Sleep Descent has been put on temporary hiatus though it will still be available for download. Krayfish Entertainment will be directing attention to Droplet: States of Matter and will resume production once that game is complete.
  • We are opting to create new material as opposed to migrating from the old wikias. Stay tuned for a wave of development.


  • Being exposed to toxic waste will likely severely damage you rather than give you superpowers.
  • Make sure you discuss your ideas with others to avoid continuity conflicts.
  • In a society with guns, melee weapons are only useful when you are standing inches away from your enemy.
  • Stay active in the community! Even if you aren't making edits, share your ideas with others.

This month's featured user

ReachNetwork because he's awesome with HTML and CSS.

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