Kyekna-Karkal War

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Kyekna-Karkal War
Date 136 UE - 210 UE
Location Kalkak
Status Genocide of the Karkal, absorption of Kalkak into UKM

The Kyekna-Karkal War, also known as the Karkal War to the Kyekna, was a war waged between the fledgling civilization of the United Kyekna Monarchies and the vicious though not yet space-capable hive civilization of the Karkal, who's planets lied in binary orbit with one another. The war flared off and on for close to 80 years before the Kyekna finally obliterated the Karkal through manipulations of their weak-minded nature and technological incapability.



The Kyekna are a race of intelligent, eusocial isopterid arthropods, they were the first of the two species to make contact with the other, having sent many research vessels to Kalkak to investigate and document it's life, they made efforts to contact the Karkal which were met with violence. The Kyekna were the more technologically advanced of the two civilizations during the war, and used interstellar vehicles, laser weaponry, and anti-missile technology against the Karkal.

By the end of the Karkal Wars, the Kyekna had extended beyond Kenaklesh to the planet of Eklakra and the moons of the ice giant Kelkarka. The Kyekna also had help from several of the Karkal drone males who defected from their species.


The Karkal were a race of eusocial arthropods much like the Kyekna, with the small astronomical distance between Kalkak and Kenaklesh having given rise to similar ecospheres in which similar creatures evolved and thrived. Unlike the Kyekna, the Karkal were vicious predators, though they were omnivores, and no caste except for the reproductives had a true sapient level of intelligence, only following the orders of the Queen of their colony, even the intelligent male reproductives were doomed to die shortly after reproduction and warranted no respect from the legions of soldiers and workers.

Though the Karkal lacked the technology of the Kyekna, they did have missiles capable of breaching the atmosphere of their planet and bombarding Kenaklesh as well as Kyekna ships. The Karkal's animalistic nature allowed them to mobilize 100% of their adult population for military endeavors, and the crew of any Kyekna ship unfortunate enough to crash land on the planet didn't stand a chance against the raw numbers the Karkal were able to churn out for combat.