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The history of the Drussiray.

Ancient history

The Drussiray were created on the planet Zema in an Omni experiment to try to bring back the ancient Arckasian species known as the Iztur back to life. During this time, the Omni Empire had launched a series of large scale expeditions to explore the planets in the Crucible Galaxy that were detailed in Na’zrah’s data archives. The lead scientist of the Drussiray experiment was named Spodan. He began to build the ancient Drussiray civilization then letting them naturally evolve over thousands of years.

Spodan at the time had concealed his existence from the Drussiray. While many species of the Omni Empire were indoctrinated very early on, Spodan chose to let the Drussiray develop on their own to study how Arckasian species evolved. Species that developed during the Empire of Arckas had a fundamentally different DNA structure than the species of the present day because Arckasian species had evolved without artificial panspermia.

The name Drussiray comes from the language they developed on their own. The Drussiray believed at the time that they had come from the ground. They came to worship the tallest volcano on the planet Zema which was Drussirain. Drussirain came to be believed as the volcanic earth mother, and even thousands of years later still holds great cultural significance.

The experiment, however, went unfinished when the Buyuk Empire began its galaxy-wide extermination of the Omni. Spodan quickly acted and guided as many Drussiray as he could underground in a series of bunkers and artificial caves. They then waited centuries for the Buyuk invasion to pass before finally emerging to the surface. It was not Spodan’s intention to directly intervene with the Drussiray’s development, but he had no choice. He fully utilized the technological prowess of the Omni to conceal the Drussiray as best he could. However, Spodan himself did not survive the Buyuk invasion of Zema.

The consequence was that because the Drussiray directly bore witness to Spodan’s actions, they began to worship him as their savior and a god-like figure. The Buyuk on the other hand were seen as the ultimate evil in the galaxy that must be punished for killing their god.

The Drussiray, however, were not left completely alone. Spodan had left behind a stash of Omni technology as well as numerous AI’s based on himself to guide the Drussiray into quickly rising up to become a spacefaring civilization in a matter of decades.