History of the Darsa

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The history of the Darsi people is known to extend to at least twenty thousand years ago, based on archaeology and written records. Darsi history was preceded by its prehistory, consisting of the Akay Era ("Land Era"), followed by the Algemy Era ("First Ships Era"). The Algemy saw the Great Exodus begin, between 9000 and 8000 BE, in what is known today as the Korat region. The Great Exodus marked a fundamental change in Darsi history, as Darsa began to move away from the hostile lands of the planet. As more Darsa left the land, most transitioned to a semi-nomadic lifestyle in the form of the first sea-based settlements. The flexibility of these settlements in the face of wild and constantly changing climate allowed communities to flourish; however, the limitations of boat-based settlements restricted their size, preventing them from expanding into larger units. A unique form of agriculture also developed during this time.

The first cities began to develop by around 5000 BE, when some of the first developed settlements emerged in Nagarno, Shemai and Palor. As farming developed, techniques for harvesting materials underwater became more sophisticated and involved increasingly cooperative efforts. As a result, communal mindsets generally developed among Darsi communities. The growing complexity of Darsi societies necessitated systems of accounting and writing.

As communities became dependent on the oceans around them, ancient history (Akzaman) up to about 1500 BE saw the development of territorial tendencies in the thousands of city-states scattered across the planet. This facilitated the rise and fall of maritime empires. Following the Akzaman era (c. 1500 – c. 500 BE), the invention of modern printing revolutionised communication and facilitated ever wider dissemination of information, helping end the Akzaman and ushering in the Dönüsh ("Great Return"). The Great Return saw the rise of the kara class, as well as the First Great Darsi War. Thereafter, the Scientific Revolution, and the colonisation of what had become known as the Realm of Storms, swiftly followed.

In the 6th century BE, the millennia-long accumulation of technology and knowledge resulted in an explosion of advancement known as the Sasharma (lit. "Leap", most often equated to the term "Industrial Revolution").