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Welcome to the Smog Hollows setting!

We are the Nexus' prime location for the genre of horror.

Let this page be the helpful guide in getting you started with this setting and its stories, whether you want to create alongside us or simply read along!

The first thing to understand about Smog Hollows is where the name is derived from: the 'Smog' is an all-encompassing malevolent fog that surrounds all parts of the mysterious world in this setting, as opposed to the 'Hollows' which act as semi-safe spaces from whatever dangers lurk in the Smog. References to a world outside the Hollows are always vague and may only be hinted at - including references to a time 'before' or 'after' the Smog arrived. This does not mean we are locked into a specific time frame with the setting but rather that no matter what historical period a Hollow depicts, the history of it is obscure.

The second thing to understand about the setting is that reality is fluid. There is no strict canon to the setting, but rather strings of isolated stories and locations that can be interpreted however the readers and creators want them to be. This allows us to feature multiple takes on the same ideas and to let contradictions between multiple stories become a feature of the ever-changing world inside the setting.

If the idea of this setting intrigues you then please read on! If you want to get involved in the setting then please read the rules (and the Nexus' Community Guidelines) and put a pitch together. If you want to read the stories located in this setting then scroll down to 'Content for Readers'.

The Loremaster for this setting is User:Avetzan. If you have questions or comments then please direct them towards him.

The Rules for Creators

This is a numbered list of the conventions that this setting runs on:

  1. Smog Hollows stories must be put on the website before information articles about those stories. This allows us to stay focused on a story-first approach that is integral to how the settings works.
  2. Lore and stories are allowed to be contradictory to each other, and even within themselves. as described in the introduction, the in-universe reality of Smog Hollows is a fluid one, and as creators this allows us to be more experimental in our work.
  3. Time and location should be vague. Places and events can be inspired by the real world, but specific terminology and titles may not be used outside of the Hollows themselves. This is to preserve the idea of the Smog being all-encompassing in both space and time.
  4. Every Hollow should be vulnerable to the Smog in some way. The specific size of the Hollow does not matter too much, but if the Hollow is large enough that the people within do not know about the Smog, or might never personally interact with it, then the Hollow is too large and/or powerful.
  5. In Smog Hollows, it's the characters who shape their hollow by how they cope with the Smog, rather than the characters being shaped by the world they find themselves in.
  6. Before each story is compiled into the setting it must go through the Pitch Approval Process. This is the same for every setting, where a pitch must be put forth on the website, undergo discussion with the Loremaster for that setting (the User in control of that setting), and then finally be approved to join the setting properly. LINK NEEDED HERE TO SH PITCHES
    1. In addition to the above, Smog Hollows allows users to make pitches 'open' for other users to submit their own stories and takes on, as opposed to the closed-style pitches that make up the other settings on the Nexus.
  7. Most all genres of horror are allowed here, however we do not offer a place for content that would not belong on other parts of the Nexus. We still have community guidelines, and as part of that this setting does not condone the creation of extreme squick-gore, political mouthpieces, or pornographic content. LINK TO COMMUNITY GUIDELINES.

The Content for Readers

If you want to get to know what's going on in the setting, check out some of the stories and articles listed here!

  • Story:Smogman - A very short story that the Loremaster recommends everyone read to get an idea for the basic premise of the setting.
  • Story:I Have Eyes - This story featured in the second edition of the Nexus Zine (LINK REQUIRED) and depicts a short story about the strange ways the Smog can interact with people.
  • Story:I Am Become Life - This poem is a great example of the idea that although the Smog is ever-present and malevolent, it is not necessarily a force of destruction.
  • Story:Chased in the Forest - A short story that shows not everything in the setting has to be overly thoughtful and thematic. This is simply a victim being chased by a monster.

If you want to know what's being developed for the setting currently, look here: LINK TO PITCHES