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Gidun Yat (born 22 Kad 4235) is a Daranese octogenarian and grandfather of [[Daora Meredok]]. He is a retired engineer living in B96, Kessal Prefecture, [[Darana]].
'''Gidun Yat''' (born 22 Kad 4235) is a Daranese octogenarian and grandfather of [[Daora Meredok]]. He is a retired engineer living in B96, Kessal Prefecture, [[Darana]].

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Gidun Yat
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Born 22 Kadel 4235 (84)
Residence B96, Kessal Prefecture, Darana
Citizenship Daranese
Occupation Civil engineer
Years active 4264-4298
Species Human
Height 172 cm
Children Aritu, Beryl, Achisime, Nalo, Tergeren and Isabil
Parents Bill and Maran Yat
Relatives Ira Sako, granddaughter
Other grandchildren
Family Daora Meredok, granddaughter

Gidun Yat (born 22 Kad 4235) is a Daranese octogenarian and grandfather of Daora Meredok. He is a retired engineer living in B96, Kessal Prefecture, Darana.


Early Life

Yat was born in 4235 to Bill and Maran Yat, who were Cassavellian immigrants. He was the first of his family to have been born in Darana.

Panthalassa War

Gidun Yat witnessed the first Serulus landing on live television in 4249. When war broke out less than two years later, he joined the army as a 15-year-old volunteer. At the time, recruitment officials believed that if a recruit was fit and willing to fight, their age shouldn't matter.

He was deployed in Cassavel, participated in the Battle of Sipigrangor and eventually the Seige of Darana. The military rescue mission rescued him from the island.

During the war, he began a lifelong friendship with fellow veteran Rurik Carder.

After Project Toba was carried out, ending the war, he helped liberate Cassavel and Darana.


Before the Panthalassa War broke out, Yat entered into a relationship with Yachome Meredok. When Darana was being blockaded, the relationship resumed.

When it seemed clear to the couple that Darana would fall, they married. He would be evacuated only five days later. Due to Gidun being from an Elladic Cruxi family and Yachome being from a Saltyrian Cruxi background, both sets of parents did not approve. During the occupation, Yachome gave birth to their firstborn, a boy named Aritu in 4252.

University and Dreamwalking society

Both Gidun Yat and Yachome Meredok came from dreamwalking families deeply embedded into the dreamwalking orders of Saint Casarad and Saint Kilda respectively. Gidun's father barred him from entry into the Elladic Dreamwalking Order of Saint Casarad because of his marriage to Yachome Meredok, a Saltyrian, resulting in a frosty relationship that lasted until his father's death.

Gidun Yat returned to civilian life in Darana in 4260 to build a family. By now, his eldest child was eight years old and had never seen his father. Despite having his education on hold for several years, when Gidun enrolled in the University of Darana to attain a degree in civil engineering (a much-needed job as the city was nearly flattened by the war), he excelled in his studies.

During his time at UD, Gidun formed a dreamwalking society, consisting of himself, his wife Yachome Meredok, Rurik Carder and several others. In between study, they would investigate spiritual activity and learn as much as they could about dreamwalking, spirits and the dreamworlds of the Primanna.

Post graduation

After university, Gidun kept in contact with his friends from the dreamwalking society, which, to his surprise, soon connected him with dreamwalkers from all over Coracan. With an engineering degree under his belt, he began a long and successful career capable of supporting his growing family.


His happy marriage ended suddenly in 4276, when Yachome disappeared at hospital. Using the dreamwalking sleuthing skills he had acquired as part of the dreamwalking society, he discovered that there was no trace of her and no records of her existence anywhere. Even Rurik, his lifelong friend, suddenly became extremely sceptical of Gidun's earnest explanations, claiming that Gidun had never been married and that his children were his cousins's children. Gidun was incensed at this and broke off verbal contact entirely, communicating only in letters from then on.

Yachome's presumed death left him a single parent, in charge of five children and three under ten years old. Aritu, his eldest son took on additional responsibilities and helped his father take care of his younger siblings.


As his children grew up, they emigrated to other countries, one by one. Only two: Nalo and Isabil, would stay in Darana. Many of his dreamwalking society friends became busy academics and his relationship with Rurik Carder remained frosty.

He retired in 4298 at the age of 64, after a 34-year-long career, leading to slow disconnection from his work associates.


In 4302, Gidun's youngest child, Isabil, had a daughter, Daora Meredok. Only two years later, however, Isabil's relationship with her husband broke down and the couple separated. In just a few short months, both Isabil and her ex-husband Maraku Techam disappeared mysteriously, in the same manner as Yachome Meredok had 28 years earlier.

Their disappearance left Gidun's daughter Nalo and Gidun himself as Daora's only relatives in the city. Distrustful of Nalo because of her hostility to spiritualism and dreamwalking, Gidun decided to raise his granddaughter himself so that she would one day inherit his knowledge.

Raising Daora

Gidun was keen to slowly teach Daora dreamwalking over a period of years, but delayed out of concern for her safety. During Daora's childhood, Gidun and Rurik clashed over the right way to raise the young girl through a series of angry letters. Rurik believed that a spiritual war was imminent and that Daora should be taught as swiftly as possible and cited Gidun's age as a reason to hurry up. Gidun argued that Rurik was being a paranoid warmonger who wanted to mould a soldier. He was concerned that too early exposure to the brutal realities of the Primanna would irreparably scar her.

Threat of War

When four of Daora's closest friends disappeared without a trace, Gidun had had enough. He resolved to guide his daughter into the wide world of dreamwalking and spiritualism, roughly if necessary, to teach her to defend herself against dark spirits and to equip her with the skills needed to hunt down the monster disappearing so many people. With the war that Rurik predicted truly imminent now, he's really pushing both Daora and himself.


He and Yachome Meredok had six kids in total: Aritu, Beryl, Achisime, Nalo, Tergeren and Isabil (Daora's mother). As each of his children grew up, they moved to other countries; only Nalo and Isabil remained in Darana. Because of this, his family and most of his many grandchildren are physically and emotionally distant.

He lives in Kessal Prefecture, Darana, with his granddaughter, Daora. Nalo, his daughter, also lives in Darana with her family.

Dreamwalking connections

The connections that he began with the dreamwalking society he founded spread out across the world, bringing him into contact with many dreamwalkers. While his friends became dusty academics, new generations of university students continued the dreamwalking societies on campuses and, increasingly, on the internet.

One particularly long-lasting connection has been with Maryan Terschel, a CSMT commander, who he met in 4304. She had been sent to investigate the disappearances of Isabil Meredok and Maraku Techam, which turned into a long-term mission when no quick answer was forthcoming. Gidun and Maryan's friendship grew with Daora herself and the two would regularly discuss new developments in her and the world in Cathedral, a dreamworld that was Yachome Meredok's inheritance. The two would agree to make Maryan Daora's unofficial godparent, so that she would have a dreamwalking guardian if anything happened to Gidun.


The Cassavellian Yat family was strongly Elladic Cruxi, adhering to a single monotheistic God. Over the decades, Gidun gradually became less religious and passed down this general irreligion to his granddaughter, Daora Meredok. However, he and his granddaughter still attend church on major Cruxi holy days, such as Cruxen and New Year's eve.

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