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Dean Ore is the superhero known as Captain Antares, a cosmic warrior that fights for the Zulan Empire against the Goar and other cosmic threats. Dean Ore served in the United States Air Force as a captain, serving with the Ahona Psionics during WWII.


During his first tour in Japan, Dean’s entire company was slaughtered by a few skillful Yumekage agents. Being the last survivor, he vowed to never let that happen again and sought to track down the Yumekage responsible. With renewed strength and the help of some new allies, he defeated this Yumekage agent.

After the end of World War II, Dean continued to serve, eventually making the rank of captain. Then, in 1947, a mysterious energy wave knocks down a spy balloon which crashed in Roswell. Suspecting the phenomenon might have been supernatural in origin, the US government sent the Ahona Psionics to investigate, with Dean Ore to lead them.

The group discovered that a dreambleed created a portal in the upper atmosphere was the cause. Dean Ore decided to dreamwalk into the portal to find out what caused it. He found himself transported to another part of the galaxy and finds himself on the planet Rioga, a world torn apart by a race of warlocks known as the Goar. Dean discovered the energy source that opened the portal coming from a crashed spaceship sending out a distress call.

Aboard the ship, Dean discovered refugees of the alien race known as the Zula. These refugees were peaceful civilians working the land on planet Rioga before the Goar attacked. Dean learns that Zulan ships are powered through dreamwalking energies - the Zula must use ships to travel the gyrus as they cannot dreamwalk to transport their souls across the universe. Thus, Dean had the means of rescuing them.

When the Goar returned to finish their job, Dean in his haste used his powers to reactivate the crashed ship in an attempt to get it to safety. Even though he brought the ship to a nearby moon where they’d be safe, the refugees were forced to use escape pods when Dean could no longer keep the ship stable. The ship’s reactor overloaded and Dean absorbed its energies. After the refugees treated him back to health, Dean discovered that he was imbued with incredible cosmic powers and his dreamwalking abilities had multiplied. He was much faster and stronger than he was before and could freely travel across the gyrus as he saw fit. However, it was not long before the Goar had discovered them again, having tracked them through the ship’s explosion.

Dean, now taking on the codename Captain Antares, single handedly fought back against the Goar and destroyed them. Dean was able to then set up a distress signal so that other Zulan warships could pick up the survivors. Captain Antares meets with Captain Draylin Erdo who thanks him for his deeds. Realizing that there are many threats beyond Earth, Captain Antares decides to help out the Zula fight a war against the Goar that has raged on for a thousand years.

Captain Antares still longs to return to Earth in order to protect it, but realizes his limitation in that he can’t be everywhere at once. He became forced to pick and choose who he had to save, so he had to resign himself to dedicating towards fighting against the larger threats.


As Dean Ore, Captain Antares possesses all the typical abilities of an Ahona Psionic. He is skilled at dreamwalking and traveling the dream worlds. He is resistant to mind-based attacks, and also can also skillfully manipulate the environments of the dream worlds around him.

After becoming Captain Antares, he gained the power of flight and strong magical potential. He can siphon the energies of the gyrus around him and redirect them as waves and blasts that can incinerate through steel. This allows him to fly at a maximum speed of 99% the speed of light - the sheer momentum of it allowing him to rip through many structures. Captain Antares also can telekinetically manipulate nearby asteroids and space dust to form protective shields and form objects.

His ultimate ability is called Supernova, where he ignites himself and creates a massive explosion. Although this is a very risky move that has the potential to kill him, Captain Antares’s maximum potential is being able to destroy an entire planet. Only once was he forced to use this move. In 1959, the Goar unleashed a zombie virus that affected the planet Lugoshin. The virus was on the verge of spreading beyond the planet and affecting the entire galaxy - as a last minute resort Dean was forced to destroy the whole planet to incinerate the virus once and for all.