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Not to be confused with Durana
Darana, officially the Republic of Darana, is a sovereign city-state located in the Straights of Kibbar. The city-state has been self-governing for most of its long history.

Republic of Darana
Setting: Dreamwalkers
Flag of Darana State seal of Darana
Flag Coat of arms
Location of Darana
Location of Darana
Capital Darana
Religions 40% Cruxi
23% Unaffiliated
17% Katri
10% Dayutra
5% Yewjie
3% Pagan
2% Old Pagan
Demonym Daranese
Government Executive Republic
• Bull
Oryk Thorn
Legislature Parliament
807 H
28 Kadel 3799
8 Arum 3844
14 May 3849
22 May 3917
45 Arum 4262
 • Size 2621 sq km
 • 4317 estimate 11,540,000 (58th)
 • Density 4,403 (18,964 urban)/km2
Currency Daranese Yat (DNY)
Date format dd/mm/yyyy
Drives on the Left


Darana is a shortening of the Old Osgal Daranagrangor, literally meaning 'elephant city'. The origin of this name is unknown.


Main article: History of Darana

Earliest History

Founding of Darana According to legend, Darana was founded in 807 H. At this time, elephants lived naturally in Darana.

Golden Age

Classical Age

Silver Age

Iron Age

First Republic of Darana

Between 2149 and 3512, this Republic was a leading economic and naval power.


Darana became independent from the Marokan Empire in 3844 following the empire's long decline. At that time, Darana had long had de facto autonomy. Due to the support of the Cassavellian Empire and Bandon, (among others) the weakened Marokan Empire did not declare war to maintain control of Darana.

Panthalassa War

Main article: Kjhelic Occupation of Darana

During the Panthalassa War, the Imperial Kjhelic Army invaded Cassavel and Bandon. Due to Darana's strategic location in the Straights of Kibbar, Darana was invaded. The Kjhelic offensive began on the 30th of May 4251. Having taken control of the areas around Darana, the Daranese Navy was destroyed and supplies and support were cut off. The siege dragged on until 41 May 4251; after more than a year. Just before the island surrendered, a daring rescue mission recovered the trapped soldiers on the island. Afraid of Kjhelic punishments, Daranese leadership rounded up people deemed 'undesirable' under the Kjhelic regime onto old barges and left them to float (or sink) towards the surrounding Kjhelic Navy. This is known as the Barge Massacre

Postwar Period


Darana is bounded on all sides by the Straights of Kibbar. The east side of the island was originally a coastal plain but is now covered by urban area. The north and west of the island nation are more rugged.

Most of the country's limited farmland is located in the south and along the edges of the city.




Darana religion.png

Darana's current constitution guarantees freedom practice of religion. Like many other wealthy states, Darana has become increasingly irreligious over time.

Cruxi is the largest religion in Darana, with 39.6% of Daranese identifying as adherents. Saltyrians accounted for 29.6% and are the largest Cruxi denomination within Darana. Elladic Cruxi at 10% encompasses the rest of the Cruxi population. Seventeen per cent identified as Katri, the second-largest religion in the country, while Dayutras and Pagans accounted for 10% and 4.5% respectively.

No religious category in Darana accounts for the majority and, as such, the country is highly religiously diverse.


Darana is a parliamentary republic with a system of unicameral parliamentary government representing constituencies (prefectures). Executive power is held by the Chief Executive, who is the leader of the ruling party. The Chief Executive has veto powers over parliamentary legislation, a broad range of executive powers that do not need parliamentary approval (these decisions can be overturned by the Supreme Court of Darana, but this rarely happens, since all three judges side with the ruling party on all policy).

Parliament is the legislative branch of government. MPs (ministers of parliament) are elected to this body on a preferential basis. The National Democratic League (NDL) has won every single election since the Panthalassa War ended.

Although the elections are clean, there is no independent electoral authority and all media that is not government controlled is heavily censored. Furthermore, incumbent politicians are free to gerrymander their own seats.

The Daranese legal system does not have the legal basis of 'innocent until proven guilty'; if prosecuted by the government, the accused is presumed guilty and has to prove their innocence before the appointed judge. Juries were abolished in 4271.

Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly are heavily restricted in Darana. Online, the Information Standards Ombudsman censors anti-government sentiments; any perceived insult to the first Chief Executive of Darana can land punishments ranging from caning to imprisonment or even death. Offline, groups of more than six people require a police permit to gather; political or religious protests are banned (except in a few small areas).

Map of the Primanna.png

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